Wendy Gladstone-Brown

Wendy Gladstone-Brown is an Assistant Professor in the Education program at Marist. She lives in Rochester, NY and commutes back and forth to the Hudson Valley to help students reach their highest potentials as future educators.

What classes do you teach at Marist?
I teach the second part of a 2-pronged early childhood education course, Foundations of Education, which is a course for freshmen who have an interest in education, and a literacy course where students spend 60 hours in the field, so they spend half the course in the classroom and half the course out getting real world experience. In our program, we prepare students to get certified in elementary education, so first to sixth grade, as well as special education in that same range. But what really makes our program special is that students also get a psychology degree along with the education certification. This way, they become teachers who have a great understanding of child development and behavior as well.

What makes you so passionate about education?
I came from a family of teachers. I started out teaching at the elementary level in a large school district and my principal saw leadership potential in me and got me involved with school administration. Then, I went back to school and learned about effective leadership and later became a principal. So, I’ve had experience as a teacher and as a school administrator, but what I’ve always really wanted to do was teach future teachers, so I’m glad I can do that at Marist.

What is your favorite part of teaching at Marist?
The students. They definitely make it worthwhile to commute back and forth for so long! They have a commitment to being educators at a time when that’s a difficult field, and that enthusiasm I see in them gives me so much hope for the future.

Any advice for incoming students?
I would say they should look forward to making incredible friendships. The person sitting next to you sophomore year in class will be your best friend by senior year. Just make sure to take good care of each other.


Written by Shannon Donohue '17

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