Nicholas Cipriano

Nicholas Cipriano is a Psychology major with a minor in Public Relations from Bellmore, New York. He is an active member of the Marist College Club of Theater Arts, Marist College Singers, and TimeCheck (Marist’s all male a Cappella group). Nicholas also has an on-campus job working as Senior Phoneathon Associate for the Office of Advancement.

How did you know Marist was right for you?

My “Accepted Students Day” was the moment that I knew I had to come to Marist. From the beauty of the campus, the display of the music program, and the overall kindness of everyone that I met, I knew Marist was for me. I remember getting back in the car with my dad to go back home and saying, “I am coming here.”

How did Marist prepare you for your desired career path?

It has given me all of the tools and skills needed to excel in this ever-changing world. I know that through the education that I have received and the guidance that I have learned from, I have the confidence to say that I am ready to take on whatever the world throws at me. From networking, time management, to understanding how to present myself and work with others, Marist has me all set.

How have the various clubs you participate in impacted your time here at Marist?

These clubs have given me not only a purpose on this campus, but have also provided me with a second home. These locations have always been a place where I was given the chance to grow and develop socially and skill-wise. I’ve made some of my greatest friends through these clubs. Because of my involvement at Marist, I have had the ability to meet so many different people, to be a leader, and to be given so may amazing opportunities that have completely changed my life.

What’s one of your favorite things about Marist?

I love how much Marist works to help its students. Marist does such a great job of offering outstanding services, from academic help to work/internship opportunities. The school is also always trying to update and improve itself in order to better its students, from new technology to sustainable food, and I love that.   

Any advice for incoming freshmen?

Don’t be afraid to try new things. You don’t want to be the person at graduation saying “I wish I would have done that.” Also, in that same light, study abroad. Yes, it can seem a little scary, but trust me when I say that it is the most amazing experience you will have in college. 


Written by Emily Belfiore '16

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