Tatiana Miranda

Tatiana Miranda is a Communications major with a double concentration in Public Relations and Advertising, and a minor in Global Studies from Los Angeles, California. She transferred from The University California, Riverside in 2013 for the spring semester of her freshman year. Tatiana is a student assistant for the Transfer Admissions Department, the membership director of Marist’s PRSSA chapter, and studied abroad in London during her junior fall semester.

What made you want to transfer from California to a school in New York?

UC Riverside was a very large school. It wasn’t that far away from home, but to me, it was an entirely new place. It was in the middle of a desert, something that I personally didn’t like coming from a place like Los Angeles where it’s a big city and there’s so much to do. Also, I never got the “feeling” students get when they know their college is right for them.

Was it an easy transition for you?

When people go away to college, they never really think that they’re going to transfer. For me, especially, I never thought I would transfer. So when I thought about it and actually decided to do it, it freaked me out. But I was immediately welcomed, met amazing people, and got the hang of everything pretty quickly.

When did you realize that Marist was the right school for you?

When I got here, I immediately realized how different Marist was from UC Riverside. I knew I could go to someone if I needed help, whether it was a professor, an advisor, or even a fellow student. That’s another great thing about Marist, the classroom sizes are so small that you can actually have a discussion and learn the names of your classmates and your professor. Little things that just made Marist start to feel like home.

What advice do you have for students that are thinking about transferring?

Don’t hold yourself back because you’re a transfer student. Don’t let that stop you from trying new things and putting yourself out there. Utilize every opportunity here at Marist, especially studying abroad. Don’t feel like you’re behind on anything; join what you want and do whatever interests you. Marist is a wonderful school to come to; it’s small, welcoming, and everyone is so great.

Written by Emily Belfiore '16

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