Jenna Kunze

Jenna Kunze has a major in Communication with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Global Studies. She is originally from Allentown, New Jersey. Jenna graduated a semester early in Fall 2015, but throughout college was involved with the Marist Society of Professional Journalists and the Ski Team.

Why did you choose to do the Freshman Florence Experience (FFE)?

FFE piqued my interest initially after my high school experience in a club, Travel Club, which brought students to Europe over Spring Break through a company called EF Tours. After traveling to France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Morocco and more, I was really attracted to the idea of studying in Italy for an entire year. I thought if I was already making the transition from high school to college, I might as well make that adjustment abroad.

Why spend another semester away doing Marist in Manhattan?

After coming back from Italy, I had a difficult time adjusting to typical college life. I missed the mobility and commotion of being in a city, so Marist in Manhattan presented a compelling opportunity for me. In Manhattan, I maintained two internships while also taking a full course load online. I enjoyed experimentally living in New York City with a (mostly) regular 9-5 job, as it helped narrow down my choices for my post-graduation job hunt.

What's next now that you've graduated?

I graduated a semester early this past December, and after a brief stint in Costa Rica, I’ve been living in New York City ever since. FFE has bred my passion for journalism to be an interest in foreign correspondence, so I plan to move abroad and freelance for at least a year. In the meantime, I’ve been given the opportunity to work temporarily as an editorial assistant for a publishing company, Springer Nature, in New York. 


Written by Adriana Belmonte '17

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