Alyssa Tripi

Alyssa Tripi is from Holbrook, New York (Long Island) and will be receiving her degree in Math / Adolescent Education in May.

What is your Major/Minor and how did you decide on that field?
I have a Math/Adolescent Education major and a Music minor. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in 9th grade, but I was never sure what age group I was interested in teaching. During my senior year of high school, I learned that I loved math and wanted to continue learning higher levels of math. I combined both of my passions and decided that I should be a math teacher, and it was the best decision I have made. I picked up the music minor to ensure that I was not eliminating music from my college life. Fulfilling my music minor has allowed me to play with the Marist Band (and learn two new instruments), which has been one of the most memorable parts of my college career.

What was your favorite part about the Marist experience?
I love that Marist is a small school. When you think of college, you may think of sitting in giant lecture halls with hundreds of unknown faces and professors who don’t care to learn your name. In each of my departments (Math, Education, and Music), all of the faculty know me by name, and they know my strengths and weaknesses. They are the most valuable resource for me and have been able to teach me so much more than just math or teaching or music. They have provided me (and will provide you) with opportunities that will help you accomplish things you never thought possible.

What are your plans for after graduation?
I will be certified to teach math in middle or high school, and my ideal grade to teach is 7th grade. I think that middle schoolers are very impressionable, and I hope to have a positive impact on them during this time. I am also independently working toward my special education certification through classes at Marist. Eventually, I will get my Master’s Degree in Education as well.

Any advice for high school juniors and seniors considering Marist?
If you are looking for a small school with professors who know you personally, this is the school for you.  At Marist, you are a person, not just a number. The number of students in my classes ranged from 11-28. You will develop close relationships with other students in your major since the school is small. They become helpful resources for you, and you become helpful resources for them. You never feel alone at Marist. You receive one-on-one attention from professors, and as I have said before, the opportunities to grow are endless. Once you are here, say “yes” to everything. Despite being a small school, Marist has an enormous number of clubs and activities.  Say “yes” to every club, every office hour, every conference, every opportunity. All of these “yes” opportunities will allow you develop relationships with new friends and professors. Marist provides you with the foundation to grow exponentially, as both a student and person.

Written by Shannon Donohue '17

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Major: Adolescent Education
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