Kimberly Marsden

Kimberly Marsden, from Waldwick, New Jersey, is a member of the Class of 2017. She is a Psychology major with a Social Work minor and, outside of the classroom, works as a Residence Assistant (RA) for upperclassmen.

Looking back on your time at Marist, what do you feel your greatest accomplishment has been?
I feel that my greatest accomplishment at Marist is continually being a part of something that is larger than myself and bringing people together. Being an RA at Marist I loved being able to meet so many different people through my job and programming. It is great seeing people come together and form friendships that you know will last a long time after Marist. Additionally, I am proud to have been on the e-boards for both the Student Life Association and National Residence Hall Honorary to put on campus-wide events like Foxfest and The Roommate Games where students make memories that will last them a lifetime!

What is the single most important advice you feel that you can give your residents?
The most important advice that I could give to my residents is to give everything and everyone a chance. Marist is a small school with so many different opportunities to grow. If you are even a little interested in an activity, give it a shot. You have no idea how it might change your life or how someone you meet might change you. For example, freshman year there was this girl on my floor and we both did not like one another. We had preconceived notions about the other and left it at that. When we both became RAs and e-board members of SLA we ended up becoming really close friends. Today, she is someone that I would trust with anything, teaches me about new things, and continually inspires me to be a better person.

Where is your favorite place to get work done on Marist campus and why?
I know most people will say the library but I just cannot focus there. I really am just all over the place and constantly bring my work with me and try to get it done in-between meetings and classes wherever I land. But if I had to pick a specific place that I got the most work done, it would have to be the Sheahan Hall Lounge. It's on the quieter side but there are always people around and some noise which is important to me (haha).

Written by Sarah Gabrielli '18

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