Elena Eberwein

Elena Eberwein is a Media Studies and Production major with minors in Theater and Global Studies from Dalton, Massachusetts. Aside from being president of both the Marist Society of Professional Journalists and Marist College Radio WMAR, she’s also involved in dance ensemble and the Marist College Club of Theater Arts.

Why is traveling so important to you?

Traveling is the key to the world. I’m someone who learns through experience. As we continue to turn into a more globalized world, it’s important to absorb the cultures you experience when you travel. I’ve learned so much from navigating cities, trying new foods, meeting new people, and hearing new languages. Traveling has been better than any textbook.

What made you choose to study abroad in Malta?

Malta’s a beautiful melting pot of a country. From a language that combines Italian, Arabic, and English, a warm climate, crystal blue waters, a giant ex-pat community, and a nightlife fit for anyone, it was an incredible experience. I volunteered for the African Media Association of Malta, an African NGO where I assisted with radio programming for refugees. I also made a great friend in a Libyan refugee that I tutored in English. I don't feel like my job in Malta is done yet.

Any advice for future study abroad students? 

Take advantage of the opportunity before you graduate. Once you're abroad, it’s so easy to get around and make new friends. Be adventurous and go beyond the Marist “bubble” because that’s the whole point of studying outside the country!

Written by Adriana Belmonte '17

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Major: Media Studies and Production
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Campus: New York