Courtney Martone

Courtney Martone is a senior Biology major with a minor in Mathematics from Port Jervis, New York. She is the Treasurer for Delta Epsilon Mu, the Secretary for the Math Club, and an active member of several other organizations.

When you started at Marist, how did you envision your 4 years here?
I confidently pictured myself getting involved on campus and trying new things I had never done. Coming from a smaller town, I feared that I was not going to find anyone with similar interests and quirks as me. Little did I know, I would discover more about myself than I could have ever imagined. Marist became a journey for me, and I hit many bumps along the road. It has given me my forever friends, who did not think existed. I look back on my time with such appreciation for the life lessons I have learned and the most amazing people it has given me. Reflecting back, I’ve never been more grateful to call Marist my second home and appreciate the life, opportunities, and family it has given me.

Now that you’re graduating, what’s next?
I’m in the process of applying to the Peace Corps and applying to research positions in genetic testing and molecular biology around the U.S.

What makes Marist so unique to you?
To me, Marist is my home away from home. It has such a positive atmosphere and welcoming community. It’s nearly impossible to walk through campus without smiling. The connections you build with your classmates and faculty are unique, and the professors want to see you succeed so they make learning an active process.

Written by Adriana Belmonte '17


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Major: Biology
Academic School: Computer Science and Math
Campus: New York