Dani Schatz

Dani Schatz is a Psychology and Special Education major from Dix Hills, New York. She is studying to get her Dual Certification in Elementary Education and Special Education. Dani is an active member of Kappa Delta Pi and Kappa Kappa Gamma, as well as Vice President of Teachers of Tomorrow.

How did you know Marist was right for you?

From the beginning, I knew Marist was right. It had the right program for me, it was the right distance from home, and it just had the right overall feeling that I was looking for on a campus. The atmosphere was so friendly and everyone I met was so welcoming. All of that combined is what made Marist somewhere I could see being my new home.

How has Marist prepared you for your desired career path?

Marist has been helping me since my first semester of freshman year. In the education department, our classes prepare us for collaborating with coworkers in a school environment and working with students. They also keep us updated on what is happening with aspects of education that are constantly changing. Marist also has provided me with opportunities to take leadership positions and learn how to work together to form successful organizations.

How has being involved in Teachers of Tomorrow impacted your time at Marist?

It’s been so beneficial to me in so many ways. It’s not only provided me with opportunities to take a leadership position but also become extremely involved in the education community within Marist and in the surrounding community.

Any advice for incoming freshmen?

Give yourself time to adjust. Not everyone can go away from home and be completely fine. It’s okay to feel homesick and sad, but don’t let that feeling hinder your overall experience. Freshmen year is all about getting out of your comfort zone and making new friends. Keep your door open and introduce yourself to your floormates. Also, don’t forget that everyone is in the same boat as you, so don’t feel like you’re the only one that’s nervous or scared! 


Written by Emily Belfiore '16

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