Danny Chon

Danny Chon is a junior from Higganum, Connecticut. He is a double major in Psychology and French and a double minor in Cognitive Science and Global Studies and is involved in Habitat for Humanity and MCCTA.  

Why did you choose to study abroad?
It's always been a dream of mine to be fluent in another language. Being a French major, I felt that the only way to truly improve my language skills was to be immersed in that language, which I can say now that it definitely did prove to be true. Whenever I’ve asked people about their highlights in their college career, studying abroad is always the first thing that anyone says. They always talk about how fun it was, how great the food was and how amazing it was to travel around the world. Furthermore, traveling to Europe and especially France has always been a life-goal of mine. So between the influence of my friends as well as my own wanderlust, when the opportunity arose, I seized it and ran as fast as I could.

Why did you decide to attend Marist?
I remember very distinctly walking to my high school’s college fair with anxiety swallowing my entire body. As I was hopping from one table to the next, I found the one for Marist. I remember just looking at the campus from a brochure, and from then on that image was burned into my brain. Aside from the aesthetic appeal and beauty of Marist, the academics coincided with what I had wanted to study with a great program. Furthermore, there were plenty of extra-curricular activities that I was interested in, such as MCCTA and the Marist Singers.

What sets Marist apart from other schools?
The one that strikes me the most is the community. I’ve been so lucky to make an amazing group of friends that have supported me throughout my entire undergraduate career. It’s so hard to explain the connection I have with these people-- it truly doesn’t feel like I have only known them for 3 years. There’s this bond between us that feels unreal and almost magical in a sense that I cannot believe how fast we’ve grown together.


Written by Adriana Belmonte '17

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