Sara Kiter

Sara Kiter is originally from Oakland in Bergen County, New Jersey. She will be graduating with the Class of 2017 with a Communications/Advertising major and a Psychology minor.

How did you decide on your major?
I’ve known I wanted to go into advertising since I was a junior in high school when my sociology teacher pointed out that there was a whole science to how things are sold; as he put it, it’s why the condoms are sold next to the candles, and the diapers are near the beer. Plus, I’ve always been a designer and a writer. It’s the perfect synthesis of everything I love.

As for psychology, I just find people truly interesting. I had just finished honors psychology in high school, and I didn’t want my understanding of how the mind worked to stop yet. I think a psychology minor is a great option no matter field what you’re going into. Learning how people think is always beneficial.

Did you participate in any noteworthy extracurriculars?
The Marist Singers are my family. I don’t really know what Marist is without the Music Department. My first experiences on campus were at Singers Camp, and my last moments will be singing with them at graduation. I’m now a member of the general Singers family, as well as the Chamber Choir and The Lovely Sirens female a cappella group. The support and love I’ve felt from them is just next level.

I was also the president of Red Fox Photography and an editor of the Mosaic, our on-campus literary magazine. Those organizations helped me to blossom into the creative I am today, and I’d encourage anyone to look to them for inspiration (or just priority points).

What was your favorite part about the Marist experience?
The random housing system! It can produce some nightmares, but I was very lucky. My freshman year roommate and I are still best friends. We still live together. I fall asleep in her bed at least once a week, and we basically have one communal closet. I’d never have found her without the housing system, and I’m constantly grateful.

Then my sophomore year, our house had two “randoms” added to it. We’re still all best friends, we still have a group chat, we still refer to each other as the M1 ladies (our old house number). My life would be so different without them.

What are your plans for after graduation?
Hopefully a job! I’m tenaciously applying to every entry level advertising position I can find.

Any advice for high school juniors and seniors considering Marist?
Choosing a college is a difficult decision. Here’s my take on it: it’s easy to go to a school because it’s far from home and you think you need a change, or because you want to try on a new personality. College is a time to find yourself. There’s a lot of pressure to choose the right place, right away.

In the end, go with what feels like home. From the moment I stepped onto the Marist Campus, I knew I belonged in some crazy way. Sure, I don’t always feel like the prototypical Marist girl, but every time I see the Hudson in my rearview, I know I’m right where I belong.  


Written by Shannon Donohue '17

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