Priya Samanta

Priya Samanta is a senior from Stony Brook, New York, majoring in Math Education while minoring in Music. She is involved in the Marist College Orchestra, Singers, Dance Ensemble, Math Club, and Teachers of Tomorrow.

What was the hardest thing about freshman year and how did you overcome it?
Adjusting to a new living environment and time management were tough. When you’re surrounded by your friends almost all of the time, you want to hang out with them. This made it harder to completely focus on work. I made a promise to myself sophomore year that I would improve on my time management skills and not stay up extremely late trying to complete my homework. Since I participated in many clubs and activities, I was doing my homework at odd times during the day and would be completing it later in the night. Sophomore year I took every free moment of my day and spent that time in Hancock completing whatever homework I had so I would be done with all of my work by the early evening. 

What was the best thing about freshman year?
I would say the best thing was meeting some of my close friends. I met many new people during freshman year and I’ve become very close with them. I’m beyond grateful to those I met and whom I am friends with now.

What are you most looking forward to after graduation?
I’m looking forward to working in the educational field after I leave. As a future teacher, I’m looking forward to working with other teachers and helping my students appreciate math. Math isn’t everyone’s favorite subject and we’ve all wanted to give up at some point. However, I believe it is possible for every student, no matter what type of a learner he/she is, to learn and even like math. I want to be the teacher who makes a different in my students’ lives and I’m ready for that journey to begin.


Written by Adriana Belmonte '17 

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