Joe Guida

Joe Guida is a senior from Saint James, New York, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Accounting. He is Vice President of Splash, a mentor for the Academic Learning Center, a School of Management Ambassador, and involved in various other clubs.

Why did you decide to attend Marist?
I first visited Marist back in 2008 during move-in day for my brother. At the time, I was entering the 8th grade and did not know what a college campus was like. After many visits to Marist to visit my brother’s, I grew more comfortable with the atmosphere and the faculty members I was fortunate enough to meet. When my time came to start visiting college campuses, my parents noticed me comparing each campus to Marist. I could not find any other college with the camaraderie that Marist embodies. Ultimately, my decision came down to where I felt most comfortable and where I can see myself live and work for the next four years of my life.

What is one thing you have gained from your four years here?
Marist has provided me with many experiences and life lessons that I will take into my future. However, if I had to choose one thing Marist has provided me, it’s the ability to be self-confident. Throughout my youth, my parents and family instilled in me a very solid foundation of self-respect, confidence, and respect for others. However, coming from a small elementary Catholic school and an all-male Catholic high school on Long Island, I knew there would be more maturing to do in college. Meeting many people, taking many different classes, and living through many experiences, I learned that there is no one correct way to handle life’s curve balls. Everyone is different, everyone is unique in his or her own way, so being confident and not comparing any one situation to the person next to you is essential for long-term personal success.

Why did you decide to study abroad?
In addition to the camaraderie on campus, studying abroad was an additional factor in coming here. Since I was little, I was always very interested in my family’s history. Being that my father’s family was from Italy and my mother’s family from Ireland, I knew I wanted to travel abroad and diversify myself as much as possible. I felt that studying at Marist's Florence campus provided me the best opportunity to do that. There is nothing quite like going to a foreign country and putting oneself outside his or her comfort zone. Being in a new environment can be overwhelming, however, it tests one’s ability to adapt to new situations and problem solve.


Written by Adriana Belmonte '17

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