Alexis Kishimoto

Alexis Kishimoto is a junior Psychology major with a minor in Cognitive Science. She is from Mililani, Hawaii. Alexis is a tour guide through Marist Ambassadors and was elected to be the Social Media and Web director of Marist’s Habitat for Humanity chapter for the upcoming year.

Why did you choose Marist?
I wanted to go far away from home to be away from my family, friends, and everyone. I wanted to experience a different lifestyle, culture, people, weather, and food, basically everything. My first time coming to Marist was on freshman move-in day, so before that when I had to make my decision I looked at reviews and pictures online and saw the changing colors of the leaves across the Hudson River and realized that seasons do exist and aren’t just in the movies or books. 

How did you choose a major?
I came in undecided.  I took a bunch of different classes and was leaning towards either environmental science or social work during my freshman year.  Then during sophomore year I took a couple of psychology classes and found that multiple areas of psychology struck an interest to me. Cognitive science explores so many other fields such as psychology, linguistics, and philosophy, which also interests me so I figured I should minor in it.  

What clubs and activities are you involved in on campus?
Ambassadors, and through that, I was able to become a tour guide. Habitat for Humanity, through which I was able to go on the colligate challenge for all three of my spring breaks. Weekly Community Service through campus ministry to the after-school enrichment program at Harriet Tubman House. The Student Programming Council and the Equestrian Club.

What is the experience of going to college so far from home like?
It doesn’t feel like I’m away from home. I always forget that I’m not in Hawaii anymore. I become reminded that I’m in a state all the way across the continent when I use certain words or phrases that people aren’t familiar with (and then I have to think of the common word used here) when there aren’t the typical drinks or condiments such as soy sauce. Before coming here I don’t think I have ever said "soy sauce" in my entire life, we call it Shoyu; normally soy sauce is as common as salt and pepper shakers, it’s on the tables at restaurants and diners - rice is common to have for every meal and soy sauce is a common condiment to put on rice and eggs.  

In freshman year especially, it felt like I was learning the inside scoops to how life actually was here and it was just so cool to find out so many things that I would’ve never guessed to be different than back at home. I also get to experience so many things involving nature here that Hawaii doesn’t have, like the four seasons (especially seeing snow which as amazing), daylight savings (which I forgot existed and I didn’t realize how much of difference it made and how real it was until the sun went down around 4:00 and it became dark outside), the different kinds of common animals around such as groundhogs and squirrels, and the different kinds of trees here.



Written by Sophia Brana '17


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