Sam Monroe

Since completing this interview, Sam Monroe, from Simsbury, Connecticut, received a Fulbright Scholarship to go to Malaysia, where she will teach English to middle and high school students in a school offering special education programs. For the rest of her few short weeks at Marist, Sam is student teaching and completing her major in Psychology/Special Education.

What is the most important lesson you will want to take away from Marist and instill in future students?
The most important lesson I want to share is that you have to give back to others. Marist tries to instill a culture of community service and helping others, which I think is incredibly important and something that we should all start at a young age. Future students need to think of others and what they may need, rather than be so personally focused on ourselves.

At your college reunions, what memory/event will you be most likely to reminisce over?
I'll most likely think back to the times when my friends and housemates and I just sat around our kitchen table late at night and talked and hung out and had fun. The littler moments are what I'll probably remember the most.

What is the most significant change you see in yourself from freshman year?
The biggest change I've seen is that I have a broader world view than I used to. In high school and a big chunk of freshman year, I was mostly focused on myself and my comfortable surroundings instead of looking outwards. Now I'm a much more globally focused person and I try as much as I can to focus more on the world around me than just what's in my peripherals.

Written by Sarah Gabrielli '18


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Major: Childhood Special Education
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