Michael Lauria

Michael Lauria is a member of Marist's M.A. in Educational Psychology Class of 2013. He holds a BA in Spanish from SUNY Cortland and is employed by The Harvey School as a Teacher/Coach/Advisor.

Tell us about your work history before Marist, including years of experience, industry, companies, and positions. 
Before Marist, I worked as a peer tutor while in college. During the summers, I worked at a law firm filing and inputting data into the computer system. I started teaching at Arlington High School as a leave replacement and then Carmel High School as full-time Spanish & Italian teacher.

What are your career goals? 
To continue to make a positive impact in education. Help guide adolescents and young adults to achieve their goals. Perhaps become a high school administration and/or college professor.

Why did you choose to pursue your degree at Marist? 
The program itself was great because of its flexibility. Online classes worked extremely well with my schedule. The 5-6 grades extension appealed to me too. The cohort factor caught my eye. I truly enjoyed making close professional and personal friendships with my cohort. Marist is close to where I grew up and several colleagues had completed their Bachelor's Degree there.

Tell us about a project or course that was particularly meaningful to your professional development. 
Dr. Szabo’s Diversity in Education was particularly meaningful because it was real. It provided us with a real look into what our classrooms will be like teaching in the United States. Also, Research Methods, although the most challenging course by far, was meaningful because it taught me how to analyze data about my field.

How has a degree from Marist and your course work enhanced your career? 
It has helped in all aspects of my job. My classroom is diverse. I have all types of learners from different backgrounds. The program shaped my teaching to include these different students in one class.

What advice would you give to a student considering pursuing their master’s degree at Marist?
Do it. The Online Ed Psy program was a fulfilling educational experience. I would not have been successful in another institution.                                 

If you took an online class or had online learning as part of a regular course, tell us about your experiences – any tips or suggestions to pass along to future students? 
Online learning is quite different from traditional classes. There is much more self-teaching.  Sure, teachers can give feedback and answer questions, but they are not always available in the moment. One has to be very disciplined to succeed in online courses. Life can sometimes get in the way, but you have to be able to navigate all of that to get your work done.

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