Lauren Powell

Lauren Powell is a member of Marist's Class of 2017. Originally from Westbury, NY, she is pursuing a double major in Art History and Public Relations.

What is your major/minor and how did you decide on that field?
I have a double major art history and public relations with a minor in global studies. I chose art history because I knew I didn’t want to be an art teacher so I wanted to see where history took me. And I also like working with people and with the public so adding public relations made sense.

Did you participate in any noteworthy extracurriculars during your time at Marist?
Yes! I was in the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma and I’ve held a few leadership positions with that organization. I also worked at the art studio on campus, Steel Plant Studios, as the co-coordinator of the art gallery.

What did that position involve?
I basically assist and prepare for gallery openings, I curate and design the gallery, and I also do social media promotion and hang up flyers for galleries around campus. It’s a lot of work but I love it. My adviser, and also my capping professor, is the boss there. I’ve worked there since I was a sophomore. I’d have to say my favorite galleries are the student exhibitions every year. It’s great to see what the art students are doing in their classes.

What was your favorite Marist experience?
Definitely going abroad. I went to the Marist-LdM campus in Florence, Italy. I love when people tell me they’re going there because I get so excited that they’ll get to experience the best city in the world. Nothing can compare. I got to give tours while I was there of the church where Michelangelo was buried which was a unique experience. It was part of the “museum experience” class. As I was taking classes I was teaching people what I was learning in those classes! Meeting other travelers and talking to them about what brought them to Italy was great.

What did you do for fun/in your free time at Marist?
When I had any, which wasn’t often, I would just hang out in my house with my friends. Like I said, none of us really got much down time because we’d usually be doing Kappa stuff or in class or working on a project. If we had more than an hour together we’d get food or head outside if it’s nice out. Just yesterday I went on a great hike in Beacon!

Do you have any advice for incoming students?
Make sure to go out of your comfort zone. Appreciate every moment while you’re experiencing different things. You’re going to grow as a person while you’re here and in a year, you’re going to look back and be so thankful that you did that one thing even if you don’t realize it in the moment.

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