Kristen Costello

Name: Kristen Costello

Year of Graduation: 2017

Previous Education (degree and institution): 
Bachelor of Arts- Major: Sociology Minor: Art History, Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia

Why did you choose to pursue your degree at Marist Italy? 
Marist Italy was the ideal choice for my higher education because the program’s setting was perfect for the expansion of my knowledge base in the fields of Museum Science. The Master’s in Museum Studies program developed all my passions while utilizing the best of Italy’s professors and cultural locations during the program. Through my education with Marist Italy my views and comprehension on museums, culture heritage and preservation, and the global outlook on the future of Museum Science was expanded and nourished.

Tell us about a project or course that was particularly meaningful to your professional development. 
Although each course has its strengths, my personal favorite was Emanuela Rossi’s course: Ethnography and Cultural Bias. My thesis is centered around the Cultural Heritage and Preservation of the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy with its time-honored traditions and irreplaceable heritage. This course was ideal for expanding my knowledge base of these topics.

Where did you do your internship?
I have been granted an internship with the Consorzio del Chianti Classico in Radda in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy. I will be overseeing tours in their museum, working alongside their team during cultural events, as well as assisting with their social media.

What type of museum career are you pursuing, or are you planning on earning another degree?
It is my hope to work in the field of Cultural Heritage and Preservation within an institution in the region of Tuscany, including but not limited to Florence. I may peruse my Ph.D. in time.

Where did you travel during your time in Italy?
I visited many cities in Italy, including Venice, the Cinque Terra, Roma, Arezzo, Assisi, Bologna, Lucca, Milano, Napoli, Chianti, and Capri just to name a few. I also visited Paris for the Museum d’Orsay and The Louvre, Amsterdam for the Van Gogh Museum, Ireland, and Scotland. I also felt like I was visiting Florence in new and exciting ways each day.

What was your favorite place in Florence and why?
Bardini Gardens, this place gave me a much-needed nature reboot and moments of tranquility. The views of the city are unrivaled, and I also enjoyed the Villa on the grounds where I gathered inspiration for my final Design and Technologies project.

What is your least favorite aspect of living in Florence and why?
I honestly can’t answer this questions because I enjoyed everything about Florence…perhaps, as tacky as it sounds, the tourists could be a bit much at the beginning and the end of the program. Yet, during the late fall and winter months, the city was not hectic, and the museums were free of large crowds.

What advice would you give to a student considering pursuing their master’s degree at Marist/LdM?  
APPLY!  It was a fantastic experience. The staff is unrivaled, and the experiences you are exposed to as a student are enriching and expansive to the mind and heart.

Please feel free to provide any additional comments:
I would highly recommend making friends outside the cohort. Meeting and speaking with Italians enriches your time and experiences.

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