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Katherine Burek is a member of Marist's Class of 2017. She is originally from Berlin, Connecticut and her major is Communication - Public Relations with a concentration in Advertising.

What is your major/minor and how did you decide on that field?
I’m a public relations major with a concentration in advertising and I also have a business administration minor. I always loved the field of marketing, so when I came into Marist I did some research and knew I wanted to integrate marketing with public relations. There’s this new term in the field called Integrated Marketing Communications, so I knew I wanted to be able to have that title and work in that field when I graduated.

Did you participate in any noteworthy extracurriculars or classes during your time at Marist?
Oh yeah, there are a couple. My first year I actually rode crew, but I ended up having a knee injury and having to get surgery so I couldn’t continue. But it was great - I did it to get to know people and stay active at school, so I wish it could’ve lasted longer. I was also part of PRSSA, the student-run PR firm, campus ministry, and I’ve also been an RA for 3 years. I went abroad to London junior year. I took classes like everyone else but I also interned at a digital marketing firm called Midtwist 4 days per week. As I’m applying to jobs now, having an international internship is exceeding my expectations in terms of feedback from potential employers. My family is also from England so it was just great to be there.

Tell me about your RA experience.
Well, I wouldn’t say I struggled, but during freshman year my RA just happened to be really helpful and informative and really assisted me with my transition to college. That experience made me want to help freshman who might be having somewhat of a hard time adjusting too. So, I applied to the RA program at the end of my freshman year and spent 2 years - my sophomore and junior years - in Leo and my senior year in Lower Fulton.

What was your favorite Marist experience?
Going abroad and being exposed to such a different culture and seeing things you would only see in movies made me a more well-rounded and educated student and individual. It even made me want to move back to England one day.

What did you do for fun/in your free time at Marist?
I love being outside, so hiking and being outdoors in the Hudson Valley was always fun. There are also so many places to eat around here! I’m definitely spoiled with that and I’m going to miss all the great food. I also just love being with friends and investing in those relationships. The people have really pushed me to be a better person and student. I came from a somewhat sheltered hometown so hearing their stories and backgrounds just really opened my eyes. Marist and the people here have really taught me to be a more culturally aware person.

What are your plans for after graduation?
I’m coming out of undergrad with 5 internships so I definitely don’t want another internship and I’m being very picky, which I know sounds strange. But I’m interviewing at a bunch of big places in New York, Boston, and Connecticut but nothing’s definite yet. I also hope to apply for a Fullbright next fall, either doing English teaching assistance or research study. I’m looking to go to London for that but it’s very competitive so we’ll see!

Do you have any advice for incoming students?
This is going to sound odd, but remember, I've been an RA for three years so I've spent a good deal of time around first-year students. I would say don’t let other people’s experiences or social media or whatever you see online define your college experience. Staying true to who you are and not letting the outside world influence your journey will allow you to enjoy it more. Looking back, I regret some decisions I made due to the influence of other people or doing what I thought I was “supposed” to be doing as a college freshman, so just stay true to you and stay in the moment.


Written by Shannon Donohue '17

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