Erin Gisolfi

By night, Erin Gisolfi is a Marist senior with a dual major in Criminal Justice and International Business. However, during the day, she is already a working professional in The Law Offices of John Trop where she is employed as a full-time legal assistant. Erin comes from the neighboring town of Hopewell Junction and from a Marist family - her sister, brother, and cousin have all attended Marist!

What is it like to be a female in the criminal justice field?
On one hand, females in the criminal justice field are growing in number, however, we are still the minority compared to men. This leaves many agencies always in need of and wanting women officers. However, it does also pose challenges, especially in the law enforcement aspect of the field and it demands that you work harder to be equally, if not more, physically and mentally stronger than the criminals you hope to bring to justice. Overall, women in the criminal justice field today are very well respected so it makes me proud to be part of the field and makes working through the challenges worth it.

Talk about your experience as a full-time legal assistant!
My legal assistant job is a good stepping stone job for me as it is an entry-level job in the field I want to pursue after graduation. Some of my duties include scheduling depositions, writing demand letters to plaintiff attorney offices and processing discovery documents to be used at upcoming trials. These tasks are relatively basic but they are beneficial because they allow me to work closely and learn from the paralegals and attorneys and make me familiar with certain legal documents that I wouldn't be exposed to in the classroom.

What is your fondest memory from your time at Marist?
My fondest memory at Marist is probably my first week here. As a freshman, Marist does a great job of welcoming you into the school by hosting a ton of social events during the first week. I still remember the events from that week because many of the friends I made at the movie on the green or the pizza and wings program are still my friends today, three years later.

What advice do you have for incoming students?
My advice to incoming students would be to come into college with an open mind and get as involved as possible during your first year. The best way to get involved is to participate in as many clubs and intramurals as possible. Even if you think something's not for you, try it anyway because chances are you'll make a friend and some great memories.

Written by Sarah Gabrielli '18

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