Brian Alter

Brian Alter is a senior from Darien, CT studying Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Brian came to Marist as a Finance student before switching to Human Resources sophomore year. He is now the president of Marist’s chapter of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

What made you choose Marist?
I attended Marist’s Accepted Students Day and everyone I met was extremely outgoing and friendly, covered head to toe in Marist apparel and there was a sense of school spirit that I hadn’t found at any other school. I also got to talk to some professors in the School of Management and they all seemed to have such great knowledge and experience which made it extremely interesting to learn from them. Plus, no other school had a riverfront view!

What inspired you to switch from Finance to Human Resources (HR)?
I have always liked math and stayed up-to-date on the stock market so I thought Finance would be a good fit. However, it wasn’t until I took my first HR class as a part of the Business core that I realized it was the career path for me. I like to consider myself a problem solver and a logical person and HR encompasses both of those components while including the variety I want and the ability to focus on Compensation & Benefits, which goes back to my interest in math. HR also has more of a social aspect and works with every department of a company and I really enjoy that big picture thinking.

Do you think that Marist has prepared you for graduation?
Completely. Between all of the internships, clubs, and the real-life experience I get from my classes and group projects, I feel very prepared to take on the real world. While the countdown clock in Donnelly definitely intimidates me, I know I will be just fine after graduation.

What is it like to be the president of a pre-professional club?
It is fun but very challenging. No matter what type of club it is, or how many members it has, every event/meeting, room reservation, or food catering falls on you. I really enjoy it though. I have a great executive board that helps me out so I am extremely lucky. I like being in charge of all the big picture stuff while paying attention to the small details of every event and meeting. It’s also a really great leadership opportunity that will help me professionally after graduation.

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?
This is going to sound like the most generic advice but it’s the only advice I think you need: try different things and get as involved as you can. You will be a part of a lot of clubs that you may not end up liking and maybe you won’t mesh with certain people, but you will surprise yourself with the types of things you enjoy just by trying it out. Also, don’t be afraid to change your mind about a career or major. Not everyone comes into college knowing exactly what they want to do, and that’s okay. College is the time to try new things and just enjoy the experience. 


Written by Caroline Wolf '19

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