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Nicolette Muro is a senior from West Haven, Connecticut majoring in communication, with concentrations in journalism and public relations, while minoring in women’s studies. She is currently the vice president of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and is also involved with Campus Ministry and the Italian-American Society while working at the Marist Poll.

What made you choose Marist?
I chose Marist for its strong communication department. Prior to college, I knew I wanted to major in journalism, and I instantly liked the classes and concentrations they offered per semester for my major. Of all the colleges and universities I looked into, Marist offered the best School of Communication that matched the academic setting I envisioned for myself.

How did you choose your major?
Going into college, I knew I wanted to major in journalism. I grew up reading and watching the news, and as a strong writer, I knew this major was a perfect fit for me. I added the public relations concentration my sophomore year after deciding I wanted to expand my studies within communication and explore other possibilities.

What internships have you done?
So far, I have had one internship with Cliché Magazine as a fashion writer, but I will be interning next semester too once I make my final decision about where I want to work. I definitely encourage younger students to experience interning with more than one place to gain experience if you have the opportunity.

How has Marist prepared you for life after graduation?
Marist presented me with opportunities to get involved with organizations on campus pertaining to my major, such as The Society of Professional Journalists, for writing practice and to network with knowledgeable people already working in my field of study. The option to intern was also very beneficial when searching for experience outside of the classroom setting. I also had the opportunity to take a variety of communication courses that equipped me with skills that I can apply to a variety of positions later on.

Did you study abroad? What was that program/experience like?
I didn't study abroad for a full semester, but I did do one of the attachment trips to London. In the beginning of my college career, I planned on spending a full semester in London, but after careful consideration, I found it worked out better for my course schedule to stay on campus and take an attachment trip instead. I took the Shakespeare in London course at Marist with Dr. Grinnell and I absolutely enjoyed the class and the experience. Although Shakespeare initially did not appeal to me, Dr. Grinnell made the course very interactive and the trip itself gave me the chance to experience London as Shakespeare once did while simultaneously sightseeing like a tourist. 

Do you have any advice for high school juniors or seniors considering Marist?
If you are a prospective student, I encourage you to come visit the campus. Marist sounds incredible on paper, but after stepping foot on campus and taking in its beauty, picturing yourself in the classrooms, and conversing with current students who have had positive experiences here, it makes it all the more real and inviting.

Written by Nicole Benedetto '18

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