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The Campaign
Left to right, Marist President Dennis J. Murray, former Chair
and current member of the Board of Trustees Robert R.
Dyson, and Campaign Chair and Trustee Timothy G. Brier ’69
$150 Million and Counting
Dear Friends,
I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks to
the more than 14,000 alumni, parents, and
friends who have participated to date in
The Campaign for Marist. This impressive
groundswell of support has enabled the
College to meet and exceed its ambitious
goal ahead of schedule—a feat that is the
envy of many of Marist’s peers in higher
education. The campaign is a resounding
success because of the generosity of all of
the members of the Marist community
who have made supporting the College and
ensuring its sound future a priority.
This fall marks the campaign’s final
countdown, as the effort will officially draw
to a close on December 31, 2012. Beginning
in February, 2013, the College will launch a
series of celebrations across the country to
mark the campaign’s unprecedented suc-
cess. Each and every campaign donor will
be invited to participate in what promises
to be an incredibly uplifting celebration
of the monumental impact the campaign
has had across the institution and a fitting
tribute to our dedicated supporters.
If you haven’t yet made a commitment to the campaign, I invite you to thoughtfully
consider a gift or pledge now so the College can count you among the valued participants
in this historic fundraising effort. Though our initial goal has been successfully met, there
are a number of key institutional priorities with significant remaining need. The Marist
Advancement team will be happy to assist you should you have an interest in discussing
funding opportunities that are aligned with your interests.
When asked recently why I support The Campaign for Marist, I responded as I often
do—because it genuinely feels good to give back. My great thanks again to all those who have
already joined me by participating inThe Campaign for Marist. To all who are contemplating
the opportunity, I encourage you to make a gift or pledge before December 31, and be a part
of this transformational time in the history of Marist College.
Timothy G. Brier ’69, Chair, The Campaign for Marist
Vice Chair Ross A. Mauri ’80
Chair of the Marist Board of
Trustees Ellen M. Hancock
M a r i s t
M a g a z i n e