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Advancement News
usic filled the air at the dedication of Marist’s new multi-
purpose academic building on May 2, 2014. From the building’s
magnificent entrance to its recital hall, rehearsal spaces, and practice
rooms, Marist vocal and instrumental ensembles joyfully put the new
facilities to use as Marist trustees, alumni, and friends who generously
supported the new building toured it for the first time. The tour also
showcased the spectacular renovations made to Marist’s Student
Center during the same building project.
A plaque in the Grand Foyer and Lounge of the new facility sum-
marizes the building’s ultimate purpose:
May this be a doorway
for all who enter
to open their minds
to arts, culture, and knowledge.
The plaque reflects a gift fromMarist Trustee Genine McCormick
’88, her husband Michael ’88, and their family. The McCormicks also
underwrote the BackstageTheatre Suite in the Nelly Goletti Theatre
in memory of classmate James Magura ’88.
A number of other donors made significant gifts supporting the
building and Student Center. The Frank A. Fusco & Nelly Goletti
Fusco Foundation underwrote the building’s magnificent recital
hall in honor of the Fuscos, a couple who were longtime residents of
Stanfordville, N.Y. The Fusco Recital Hall pays fitting tribute to Nelly
Goletti, a dynamic talent who wrote and published more than 300
compositions ranging from operettas to motion-picture theme music.
The foundation also established the Nelly Goletti Music Scholarship
and supported the installation of new seating, lighting, and sound
in the Nelly Goletti Theatre, which it originally underwrote in 1995.
The Dyson Foundation underwrote the Piano Studio in honor of
Joy Stillman Dyson ’04. Trustee Ross A. Mauri ’80 underwrote the
Support for Excellence
Trustee Genine McCormick and her husband, Michael, have been
passionate supporters of the College since they graduated together in
1988. Their gift named the Grand Foyer and Lounge in the new building.
They are pictured with their children (left to right) Kristen, who is a junior
at Marist, Grace, and Olivia.
The generosity of Marist trustees, alumni, and friends helped make possible the magnificent
newmultipurpose academic building and stunning renovation of the Student Center.
The Marist Band welcomes guests to the dedication of the College’s newmultipurpose academic building.
Computer Laboratory. The Music Library and Conference Room and
the Office of the Director of Music were supported by a gift from
Beverly Perry Bruce in memory of the Perry family. The building’s
new String Ensemble Room is dedicated to Marist’s Class of 1971,
which raised $71,000 to create the space as its legacy.
The Student Lounge on the third floor of the Student Center
was a gift of Christopher G. and Katherine Ferry McCann ’83/’83.
The Dining Hall Lounge on the second floor was a gift of the Louis
Greenspan Charitable Trust in memory of Lou Greenspan. In addition,
the following donors made gifts to underwrite eight music practice
rooms: Susan Cohen and Joel Silberman in honor of Judith C. Cohen;
Robert ’69 and Barbara Hatfield Jr.; Michael Napolitano ’06; Jeffrey ’77
and Madeline Nick and family; Paul ’90 and Judith Stento and family;
Dr. Geoffrey L. Brackett and Danyelle Means in honor of Edward
Boone Brackett III, MD; Mary Ann Fitzpatrick and family in memory
of her husband, John T. Fitzpatrick III ’65; and Christopher ’88 and
Nancy DelGiorno and family.
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