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President Dennis J. Murray and former Alumni Association President
Marie (Esperancilla) Wicks ’86 (far left) congratulated graduating
seniors Eric Croci and Shalyn Baum on receiving 2014 Alumni
Leadership Awards in May 2014 at Marist’s baccalaureate ceremony in
Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel.
he Alumni Association Executive Board inducted a new
slate of officers on June 7, 2014: President Paul X. Rinn ’68, Vice
President Daniel Faison Jr. ’73, Secretary Daniel Moran ’03, Treasurer
Joan Gasparovic Gambeski ’83, and Membership Committee
Chairperson Robert P. McAndrew ’79. Marist would like to thank
Marie (Esperancilla) Wicks ’86 for her service as president for the
past two years and Michael A. Sterchak ’07 for serving as treasurer for
the past two years. The Executive Board is always seeking nominees
who have been active in the Alumni Association and have supported
Marist over the years. A nomination form is available at
NewAlumni Executive BoardOfficers Inducted
Past Alumni Association Executive Board President Robert Hatfield
Jr. ’69 (right), standing in for Marie (Esperancilla) Wicks ’86, passes the
gavel to President Paul X. Rinn ’68.
Higgins ’67 Honored for Leadership in
Criminal Justice Information Management
eter Higgins ’67 is the 2014 recipient of the only nationally
recognized honor for leadership in the field of criminal justice
information management.
SEARCH, the National Consortium for Justice Information and
Statistics, bestows the annual O.J. Hawkins Award for Innovative
Leadership and Outstanding Contributions in Criminal Justice
Information Systems, Policy, and Statistics in the United States. The
award recognizes national leadership that improves the criminal jus-
tice community’s ability to develop and use information. Higgins was
nominated for the award by Judge William Sessions, former director
of the FBI.
The consortium’s board cited Higgins’s “many outstanding contri-
butions to the field of justice and public safety information sharing”:
He had a distinguished career with the FBI, where he helped shape
the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).
Post-FBI, he has continued to share, often as a volunteer, his knowl-
edge and experience in helping law enforcement agencies explore,
procure, and test criminal justice information systems.
He helped develop operational concepts and transmission specifica-
tion standards and documents for the use of facial recognition and
iris matching. In the U.S., he has helped agencies procure AFIS
systems that support cross-jurisdictional searches and implement
features that allow searching of latent prints between otherwise
incompatible systems. Abroad, his work in this area helps Iraqi
national police services manage criminal justice records and ensure
their systems can share records with other agencies.
Peter Higgins ’67 works with law enforcement agencies in the U.S.
and abroad on criminal justice information management. He is
pictured in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2009 at the biometrics building on
the Ministry of Interior’s Police campus.
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