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Alumni Authors
In Being the Best: The Nonprof it
Organization’s Guide to Total Quality
(Abbott Press, 2014),
Frederick A. Lambert,
EdD ’63
relies on the principles of total qual-
ity management to help nonprofit organi-
zations excel rather than merely survive
at a time when diminishing government,
corporate, and private funding sources often
compel nonprofits to reduce staff, programs,
and hours of operation. Lambert, who has
taught management and organizational lead-
ership on the undergraduate and graduate
levels and has decades of managerial and executive experience in
higher education and arts organizations, addresses how to build
a foundation that promotes success, craft and pursue a strategic
plan, create and sustain a culture of quality, put the customer first
no matter what, and develop leaders who will create and sustain
organizational growth and success.
McGraw Hill Books has published the sixth
edition of Microchip Fabrication, A Practical
Guide to Semiconductor Processing, by
Van Zant ’68
. Van Zant and his wife, Mary
DeWitt, self-published the first edition of the
text in 1984. “We founded Semiconductor
Services, a Silicon Valley training company,
and Microchip Fabrication grew out of our
semiconductor training programs,” said Van
Zant. McGraw Hill Books has published all subsequent editions.
The many editions have retained the basic science, chemistry, and
electronics underlying the industry while introducing new readers
to the latest manufacturing techniques and processes. The latest
edition is available from McGraw Hill Books and major online
book companies.
Dr. Michael Cann ’69
has donated
seven books he co-authored or
edited to Marist’s library. The
books deal with various topics
in chemistry, green chemistry,
and sustainable technologies.
Cann is Distinguished Professor
of Chemistry and co-director
of environmental science at the
University of Scranton.
Robert F. Sommer ’74’s
second novel,
, will be published by Aqueous
Books in December 2014. “With cinematic
clarity and pace,” wrote poet David Ray, “A
Great Fullness takes us inside a family caught
in turmoil, as the drama of their lives reflects
our troubled society and its broken capac-
ity for joy.” Sixties icon Mason Williams
described Sommer’s first novel,
(2008), as “a story of the past and
an allegory of the present.” Sommer’s current
work-in-progress is a memoir entitled Losing
Francis: One Family’s Journey through a Decade of American War.
Excerpts have appeared in
, New Plains Review, and
Jeanne Selmer ’79
recently published
Two Sisters in Ireland through Amazon.
com. When sisters Kenna and Nikki take a
10-day vacation in Ireland, their forays off
the beaten paths lead them to holy wells and
encounters with ghosts and fairies. Their new
experiences ignite passions both spiritual
and physical.
Linda (Zemba) Burhance ’85
has written
Arm Knitting: Chunky Cowls, Scarves, and
Other No-Needle Knits. This instructional
book shows how to do no-needle knitting,
which uses arms and hands instead of
needles. “Arm-knit scarves and cowls knit
up quickly (an hour or less) and require
just a skein or two of yarn,” says a descrip-
tion on The booklet offers
the basics of arm knitting and features
12 projects. A Threads Magazine Select
Booklet published by Taunton Press, it’s
available in craft and yarn stores nation-
wide as well as online through Amazon.
com. Burhance and
Maggie Browne ’83
joined forces to make a video showcas-
ing the garments in the book. View the video at
Monster returns in the third installment
of the Monster and Me™ series of chil-
dren’s books written by
Paul Czajak ’93
Monster Needs a Christmas Tree follows
the protagonist as he goes in search of
a holiday tree and finds plenty of win-
tertime fun along the way. Published by
Scarletta Press, the book is available from
bookstores and online vendors.
Kathleen Donohoe ’94’s
novel, The Ashes of Fiery Weather, will be
published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in the fall of 2015.
C.W. Bennett ’98MA’s
book of eight short stories, Hudson Valley
Stories, explores “aspects of comeuppance and redemption, among
other outcomes,” according to a description on “The
main characters in these stories bear out the realities that good
people sometimes lose, or lose control, and can be guilty of isolated
or even regular indiscretions, and that blatant, glaring evil often goes
unrecognized. All eight stories, though purely fictional, are inspired
by various towns in the Lower Hudson Valley region of New York
State.” The book is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Sean Stellato ’02
has written No Backing
Down, available from Mascot Books in
Herndon, Va. The blog of the city of Salem,
Mass., where this nonfiction account takes
place, describes the book this way: “Salem
football star Sean Stellato has chronicled
the dramatic story of the 1994 Salem High
School football team and their struggle to stay
together during a tumultuous season that was
charged with political strife and a teachers’
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