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AlNowak/On Location
AlNowak/On Location
Don Duet ’88 is
Keynote Speaker
at Enterprise
onald J. Duet ’88, co-head of the
Technology Division at Goldman
Sachs, was one of three keynote speakers at
the 2014 Enterprise Computing Community
(ECC) Conference at Marist College in June.
His talk focused on the “Digital Enterprise,”
addressing the exponential growth of
technology innovation and how it has
transformed and continues to transform
Goldman Sachs’s business.
The conference, which was supported
by the National Science Foundation (NSF)
and corporate partners including IBM and
Verizon, celebrated 50 years of enterprise
computing innovation while looking ahead
to the next 50 years. Business analytics
and cloud computing were its other major
The ECC was established in 2008 by
Marist College with an NSF grant and the
goal of building an academic and industry
community to revitalize undergraduate edu-
cation in enterprise computing. Founding
members include eight additional uni-
versities and nine industry partners. The
community has grown to more than 1,200
participants from the original 18.
In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Marist College Institute for Public
Opinion, MIPO’s Dr. Lee Miringoff (far right) and Dr. Barbara Carvalho ’79 (far
left) moderated the panel discussion “Can 2014 or 2016 Fix a BrokenWashington?”
at the Paley Center for Media in New York City in March 2014. The panelists were
(left to right) Michael Oreskes, vice president and senior managing editor for the
Associated Press; Amy Walter, national editor of the Cook Political Report; Steve
Thomma, senior White House correspondent and government and politics editor
for McClatchy Newspapers; and Mark Murray, NBC News senior political editor.
Following the panel discussion, alumni, friends, and colleagues gathered for a
reception at the Paley Center.
Donald J. Duet ’88, co-head of the Technology
Division at Goldman Sachs, was a keynote
speaker at the 2014 Enterprise Computing
Community Conference at Marist.
Robert J. Lynch ’75
Marist invited a group of journalists, media executives, foundation officials, and
business and government leaders to “Lessons for Public Interest Journalism” at the
Harvard Club in New York City in April. Special guest and former Treasury Secretary
Timothy Geithner (third from left) was interviewed by Fortune managing editor
Andy Serwer (third from right) about how the media and public opinion influenced
the government’s handling of the 2008-09 financial crisis. Marist Institute for
Public Opinion Director Dr. Lee Miringoff (right) provided context prior to the
conversation by presenting public opinion polling data. The interview was followed
by a panel discussion moderated by Andrew Ross Sorkin of CNBC and the New
York Times (second from right), Gillian Tett of the
Financial Times
(second from
left), and CNBC anchor and Marist 2014 commencement speaker and honorary
degree recipient Sue Herera (not pictured). President Dennis Murray (left) hosted
a pre-program reception for the participants.
MIPO Sponsors Panel in NYC
Former Treasury Secretary Geithner
Is Guest Speaker at Marist Event
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