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M a g a z i n e
Marist hosted the 2014 Eastern Colleges Science Conference, the oldest under-
graduate science conference in the United States, on April 5, 2014. More than
350 students from a number of East Coast colleges attended. Several students
representing Marist’s School of Science received awards for their presentations.
Award winners (left to right), shown with their research mentor, Dr. Zofia
Gagnon, were Matthew Ruis ’15, Matthew Amato ’15, Bryan Buttigieg ’15, and
Nicholas Castellane ’16.
s one of a small
group of h is-
torical advisers for the
Ken Burns film,
Roosevelts: An Intimate
Histor y
, Associate
Professor of History
and Roosevelt Institute
Senior Fellow Dr. David
Woolner spent a week at Burns’s studio in
Walpole, N.H., reviewing an early version
of the documentary, reading the script,
and discussing various recommended
changes with Burns and the film’s writer,
Geoffrey C. Ward. The film,
which chronicles the lives
of Theodore, Franklin, and
Eleanor Roosevelt, three
members of the most promi-
nent and influential family in
American politics, premiered
on PBS earlier this fall.
Dr. David Woolner
Marist Poll directors Dr. Lee M. Miringoff and Dr. Barbara Carvalho ’79 met President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at a VIP
reception for the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner May 3, 2014, in Washington, D.C. They were the guests of Steve Thomma,
senior White House correspondent and government and politics editor for Marist Poll partner McClatchy Newspapers. Thomma served as
president of the White House Correspondents’ Association and hosted the event.
M.Eddins Jr.
Science Standouts
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