Marist Magazine: Fall 2014 - page 9

Marist completes a spectacular building project that creates
extraordinary new space for dining, student activities, and
the Music Program as well as all academic disciplines.
hile many institutions of higher education have shied away from major
building endeavors, Marist recently completed a significant construction project
encompassing a new 24,000-square-foot multipurpose academic building and renovated
Student Center and dining facilities.
“The new academic building is surely one of the best in the Northeast, and it improves the
look of our whole campus,” said Marist President Dennis J. Murray. “The renovation of the
Student Center has also exceeded our highest hopes. These facilities now offer some of the
best academic and student spaces in the nation, and they will enhance our students’ college
experience for many years to come.”
Robert A.M. Stern Architects, whose namesake serves as dean of the Yale School of
Architecture, designed the space. The Stern group previously designed Marist’s Hancock
Center and the gates at the College’s three entrances. Faced with the unique challenge of
integrating a brand-new building with the decades-old Student Center, the architect achieved
a seamless connection between the two structures.
Cover Story
Marist Opens the Doors to a
New Academic Building and
Renovated Student Center
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