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the College and the impact that we are having
on students and their families. These parents
not only help us with giving, they help us
with outreach into their communities. They
help spread the name of Marist College and
the good work that goes on here.
Can you talk more about endowed
scholarships and the impact they have?
One of the things that I support the
most in this capital campaign and have
urged people to consider is endowed schol-
arships. I see over and over really talented
students, sometimes at the top of their
classes—captains of teams, leaders in clubs
and organizations, student body presidents,
valedictorians, salutatorians—who express
an interest in Marist College but because
of family means are unable to do that.
Sometimes the support that comes from
endowed scholarships is the margin that
allows these best and brightest students to
have the option of choosing Marist College.
So to me that is a great way for anyone to give.
Can you discuss the significance of
investments in faculty through professor-
ships, chairs, and research initiatives?
The heart of any good college or
university is its faculty, and we have been
fortunate at Marist to have a dedicated group
of men and women who have devoted their
lives to education. We want to find ways
to help support them, to attract the best
faculty to Marist, and to keep the best
faculty here. One of the ways to do that is
through chairs, enhanced faculty funds that
can provide additional support to a faculty
member, and research funds that can allow
faculty to undertake research, oftentimes
with their students, which creates a great
learning experience.
Aligned with that theme is the notion of
centers of excellence that bring great recogni-
tion to the institution. Can you elaborate on
the way the campaign has helped to bolster
those important initiatives?
First of all, our new Investment Center
in the Hancock Center has been a great
enhancement to our School of Management.
For students who are interested in business
or finance, this is as fine a facility as they
will find at any business school in the coun-
try. Our Hudson River Valley Institute is a
great program. It captures regional history
and gives students, particularly those in the
$ 1 5 0 M i l l i o n a n d C o u n t i n g
Pedestrian walkway under Route 9
Newmain gate
McCann Arena renovation
Tenney Stadium at Leonidoff Field
Dennis J.Murray
Cody Eichelberger ’15
Victor Van Carpels
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