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Colonel Oliver Hazard Payne Mansion
Dr. J. Richard LaPietra ’54 Chemistry Laboratories
Hancock Center
Historic Cornell Boathouse
A Campus
roviding the best resources and facilities for students
is an ongoing priority at Marist. The Campaign for
Marist has focused support on the most pressing needs
in this area. The generosity of trustees, alumni, parents,
faculty, staff, and friends of the College, along with state and
federal grants, has made possible the remarkable changes
that have taken place on the campus since The Campaign
for Marist began.
Capital projects completed during the campaign period
have included construction of a signature academic building
and athletic and recreational facilities, a major renovation
of the chemistry labs, and reconfiguration of the campus
through the construction of a walkway beneath Route 9.
Before the campaign ends on Dec. 31, 2012, ground will be
broken on a building for Marist’s Music Department, and
renovation will begin on the dining hall and other key areas
of the Student Center.
For more information about the impact
of The Campaign for Marist, visit
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Victor Van Carpels
Matthew Gillis
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