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field of history, an opportunity to work
with and help advance the initiatives of
that particular program. Of course our
partnership with the FDR Presidential
Library has been enhanced. The cam-
paign provides funds so that we can
continue to digitize the great collection
of work that is in the presidential library
in Hyde Park and make it available to
people around the world through the
computer systems, storage, and net-
works at Marist.
But perhaps our premier center of
excellence has been the Marist Institute for
Public Opinion. As many people know, it
is a polling and research organization that
is part of our School of Liberal Arts, run
by Lee Miringoff and Barbara Carvalho,
two first-rate professors. The students who
participate are from the fields of political
science, history, communications, virtually
every discipline at Marist, and they learn
about high-quality scientific research and
analytics. The campaign gave us the ability
to develop a news center for the institute in
the Hancock Center with the most advanced
computer and polling equipment, and also
a television studio so that when they release
the results of their polls, they can go on the
air to share their good work and the results
of their research.
Virtually every one of these programs
adds an element of prestige and panache to
our College. But most important, all of them
involve students. Students help run these
programs, and participation in these kinds of
programs greatly enriches their educational
Why has the campaign been successful?
I think there have been two success
stories as part of this campaign. First has
been the broad-based nature of giving, with
over 13,000 gifts that have been contributed.
Each and every gift plays an important role
in the success of any campaign. But certainly
in any campaign, the major gifts lay a critical
foundation for success. We have been very
fortunate to have our loyal donors step up
and make transformative gifts. We have to
give a lot of credit to our Board of Trustees,
to Tim Brier, the campaign chairman; Rob
Dyson, who served as chair throughout most
of the campaign; and Ellen Hancock, who
has now emerged as our new chair and has
continued those efforts. These individuals, in
addition to many of our other board mem-
bers, in their own way have made significant
Al Nowak/On Location
Founding of the Marist
College Legacy Society
ome of Marist’s best-known leaders are once again leading the way. The Campaign
for Marist is creating new milestones for the College’s fund-raising efforts, and
among them is the founding of the Marist College Legacy Society. Its first members
are President Emeritus Dr. Richard Foy ’50; President Dennis J. Murray and his wife,
Marilyn; and Campaign for Marist Chair Tim Brier ’69 and his wife, Pat.
The Marist College Legacy Society is a valued circle of individuals who have remem-
bered Marist in their estate plans and wish to encourage others to follow their example.
Those who join during the campaign, which ends Dec. 31, 2012, will receive special
recognition. Membership is open to alumni, trustees, friends, faculty, staff, college
retirees, parents, and grandparents—all who share a commitment to supporting Marist’s
future and its mission to support academic excellence and a culture of community
and service. The College may be provided for in a will or trust; as the beneficiary of a
qualified retirement plan, savings bonds, or life insurance policy; or by the creation of
a charitable life-income plan.
For some people, a planned gift enables them to support Marist in a more generous
way than may have been practical during their lifetime. However, there is no minimum
gift amount required for membership in the Marist College Legacy Society nor is dis-
closure of the gift amount required. Individuals may also join and request anonymity.
Further information about how to join the Marist College Legacy Society, as well as
useful online tools and information about how to support Marist through one’s estate
or as the beneficiary of a planned giving arrangement, can be found at www.marist.
The Marist Fund
arist’s annual giving program, the Marist Fund, is a powerful means of reaffirming
and sustaining the College’s mission to prepare graduates for enlightened, ethical,
and productive lives in the global community of the 21st century. The Marist Fund has
played an integral role in the success of The Campaign for Marist and provides long-
time and new donors alike with an important vehicle to contribute vital unrestricted
operating support to be directed where resources are needed most. Marist Fund gifts are
invested immediately to support the people, programs, and opportunities that make the
collegiate experience at Marist so rich. Whether it is critical funding for scholarships,
new resources for the library, or state-of-the-art equipment to enhance computer and
science laboratories, Marist Fund contributions make a meaningful difference across
the campus community.
The College deeply appreciates the steadfast annual support it receives for the
Marist Fund at all levels. Annual giving participation rates continue to be a factor in
external rankings and are viewed as one important indicator of alumni satisfaction.
The College encourages donors to consider a designated gift in honor of the campaign
while continuing their vital support for the Marist Fund.
Student Phonathon Associates
reach out to alumni and parents to
build support for the Marist Fund.
Dennis J.Murray
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