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The campaign has now reached its his-
toric $150 million goal. With several months
remaining, is there more you would like to
see accomplished?
Well, many campaigns do not reach
their goals, so the mere fact that we have not
only met but surpassed our goal is really a
tribute to all the stakeholders here at Marist,
and all of them should feel good about that,
particularly those who helped lead this effort.
We have to express our gratitude to them,
and we hope they also feel very positive about
what they have done for Marist College. But
Marist is the kind of institution that never
rests on its laurels. So reaching this goal with
several months to go in the campaign gives us
the opportunity to make sure that everyone
who has been involved with and cares about
Marist College has had an opportunity to
make a contribution to this historic cam-
paign. The theme we are using in the final
months of this campaign is, “If you have not
participated in this campaign, do not miss
this opportunity, because it is a transforma-
tive time in the history of Marist.”
What are the remaining priorities?
I do not think our priorities have
changed. Endowed scholarships to create
accessibility for students are still very high on
my list. Support for our faculty and academic
programming in terms of chairs or addi-
tional support for programming within the
academic areas is something I think should
be emphasized. And with Marist, we are
always trying to improve our physical plant
and our facilities. We have got some great
plans coming down the road here in terms
of adding a new academic building for music
that will have classrooms and great practice
and rehearsal facilities to give our first-rate
band, orchestra, and choirs the space they
deserve. As part of that, we are going to do a
major renovation of our Student Center with
an emphasis on the student dining facilities.
We are going to turn those into some of the
very best facilities of any college or university.
So for people who are looking for naming
opportunities, who feel they benefited from
those kinds of programs, or who understand
the importance of a great Student Center in
a college or university, I think there are some
new capital opportunities available there.
We hope we can count on everyone to
help us go beyond the $150 million goal and
make this campaign as successful as humanly
possible for the sake of this very fine institu-
tion we are all part of.
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