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he Campaign for Marist, the College’s first comprehen-
sive fund-raising campaign, has surpassed its ambitious
$150 million goal ahead of schedule. The campaign will con-
clude on Dec. 31, 2012.
“Marist has come such a long way, and this campaign
has played a significant role in its growth and development,”
says Tim Brier ’69, Marist trustee and chair of The Campaign
for Marist. “It’s especially gratifying to see so many alumni,
parents, and friends support this special effort. I continue to
be amazed by the many ways this campaign is transforming
the College. Every gift has an impact, and I hope that everyone
takes the opportunity to participate.”
The campaign opened in 2005 with a goal of $75 million.
An initial quiet phase raised $45 million through outstanding
leadership from the Board of Trustees, alumni, parents, and
friends of the College. A public launch at a reception in New
York City followed in 2007. Two years later, the campaign
received an extraordinary bequest from the estate of Raymond
A. Rich, the largest gift in the history of Marist. The bequest
consisted of the Colonel Oliver Hazard Payne Mansion, a
historic waterfront estate on 60 acres in Esopus, NY, with
a value estimated at $65 million, and $10 million in cash to
enable the development of the Raymond A. Rich Institute for
Leadership Development. Subsequently, the goal was doubled
to $150 million.
“Reaching this historic benchmark was a monumental
step forward for the College and a moment to be celebrated,”
says Chris DelGiorno ’88, vice president for college advance-
ment. “As we embark on the final year of the campaign, the
College is moving forward with both tremendous pride in
all that has been accomplished and continued enthusiasm
for what lies ahead.”
Already the campaign has made an impact on every level of
college life. Capital projects have included the Hancock Center,
the Lower Fulton Townhouses, the pedestrian walkway under
Route 9, gates at each campus entrance, chemistry labs, reno-
vations to the historic Cornell Boathouse, and major upgrades
and an addition to the James J. McCann Recreation Center.
Support for scholarships, teaching, and research is benefiting
students through 38 new endowed funds and increases in 37
existing endowments. Investments in faculty include a profes-
sorship in Hudson River Valley history. Campaign support
is bolstering the work of Marist’s premier centers of excel-
lence, the Marist Institute for Public Opinion and the Hudson
River Valley Institute, as well as other centers still becoming
established. Prestigious grants from federal agencies such as
the National Science Foundation have provided funding in
several areas of need including technology infrastructure.
The campaign promises more excitement. The remaining
months of 2012 will bring construction of a building dedicated
to Marist’s Music Department and a major renovation and
expansion of the Student Center that includes a new dining
hall and additional meeting and gathering space for students.
For more on these projects, and for reflections from President
Dennis J. Murray onThe Campaign for Marist and a summary
of campaign achievements, please see the following pages and
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