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Why is The Campaign for Marist sig-
The Campaign for Marist is important,
first of all, because it is the College’s first truly
comprehensive campaign. We have had some
very successful fund-raising projects, such as
our great library, which really transformed
Marist. But this is the first time we have tried
to complete a campaign that impacted virtu-
ally every aspect of the institution. Truly, we
have done that, through everything from
our academic programs, to the accessibility
that we have provided for future students
through endowed scholarship programs, to
great new buildings like the Hancock Center,
to an improved campus environment with
the walkway under Route 9 connecting the
east and west parts of our campus. And we
received a wonderful gift from Raymond A.
Rich to establish a leadership institute. This
gift was not only a great, historic, physical
structure in the Colonel Oliver Hazard Payne
Mansion but also an endowment to support
leadership programming at the College. This
campaign has touched every aspect of Marist
How would you characterize the
overall impact of this effort and the ways
it has enhanced and enriched the Marist
The fact that we have not only met but
surpassed our $150 million goal has truly
made a statement about Marist and how
quickly this College has risen to the ranks
of the very best colleges and universities in
America. When we started the campaign we
magazine asked Marist President Dennis J. Murray to reflect on the importance
of The Campaign for Marist as it enters the final stretch.
thought a realistic goal would probably be
$50 million—at least that is what the consul-
tants recommended—but with the support of
our board and alumni, we increased that goal
to $75 million, and now we have surpassed
our goal of $150 million. This has truly been
a transformative part of our history.
One of the extraordinary outcomes of
the campaign has been the groundswell of
support. More than 13,000 alumni, parents,
friends, corporations, and foundations have
supported the campaign since the 2008 fiscal
It has been a tremendous effort. Marist,
in comparison to the institutions we compete
against, is still a relatively young institution,
and so when we look at this outpouring of
support from alumni, parents, and friends—
who in many cases have just adopted Marist
College because they truly believe in what is
happening here, in the culture and values of
the institution, and most importantly in the
quality alumni that we turn out here—that
has perhaps been the most gratifying part
of the campaign. Not only have we attained
and surpassed a very significant goal, but
that goal has been surpassed because of very
broad-based participation from virtually
every aspect of our college community.
What are some of the aspects of the
campaign that you are proud of?
Academics are stronger, and our facili-
ties really support teaching and learning and
create a good living environment for our
students. Endowed scholarships are going
to allowmany students who otherwise would
not have been able to attend Marist College
now to have that as an option. I am a big
believer that colleges and universities have to
do a better job at helping to produce leaders
at every level of our society. We hope the Rich
Institute and our opportunities to integrate
leadership training into many aspects of
Marist College will help contribute to that
national need.
And of course there is the physical
plant. The Marist Brothers gave us many
good things that we have built upon, and
they certainly chose a beautiful site for a col-
lege here on the banks of the Hudson. We
have capitalized on that, and reoriented the
campus towards the river. Building academic
facilities like the Hancock Center, improv-
ing laboratories as we have done in Donnelly
Hall, increasing our computer offerings, and
offering our students and faculty one of the
most sophisticated networks in the world
for their teaching, learning, and research all
have contributed to making Marist the very
first-rate institution it is today.
One of the other wonderful outcomes
of the campaign has been increased support
frommajor government agencies such as the
National Endowment for the Humanities
and the National Science Foundation. How
is that endorsement making an impact across
the campus?
The campaign has been very success-
ful in raising the profile of Marist College.
Because of that, we have been able to reach
out to federal and state agencies to receive
more funding. We have received several
Reflections on The Campaign for Marist:
Dennis J.Murray
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