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major grants from the National Science
Foundation. These are the most competi-
tive grants that are given out in computer
science and natural sciences, and we are
competing with the top-tier institutions in
America when we receive those grants. The
National Endowment for the Humanities has
supported our Hudson River Valley Institute
with a major challenge grant, recognizing
that we are doing one of the best jobs in the
country in preserving regional history and
that this is one of the important areas in
America where history should be captured
and passed on to future generations. With
this challenge grant, we have been able to
raise another $2 million to help endow that
program to assure that it will go on in the
Then there has been very good state
support. We have been very fortunate to
have State Senator Steve Saland, who really
believes in this College and understands the
importance of private higher education in a
state like New York. So support
for economic development ini-
tiatives has been very important.
We have had cooperative projects
on the development of our riv-
erfront, which has turned into
one of the jewels of the campus.
And we have had a collaborative
project with the state to build
the underpass under Route 9
connecting our east and west
campuses, which has made
things safer for our students,
made the traffic flow better for
the community, and improved
the aesthetics of our entire Route 9 corri-
dor. These projects have been made possible
because of government leaders recognizing
the important role that Marist plays both in
the economy of the region and the state but
also, perhaps more important, in educating
future leaders.
Parents of current and past students
have played a major role in the success of the
campaign. Why is this significant?
That has been one of the more gratify-
ing parts of the campaign, because parents
really do give twice. They are not only sup-
porting their sons’ and daughters’ education
here at Marist, but when they believe enough
in what we are doing that they also make
generous gifts to help advance the mission of
the institution, that is a real statement about
“Sometimes the support
that comes from endowed
scholarships is the margin
that allows the best and
brightest students to have
the option of choosing
Marist College. So to me
that is a great way for
anyone to give.”
Michael Nelson
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