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Marist is dedicated to helping students develop the
intellect and character required for enlightened,
ethical, and productive lives in the global
community of the 21st century.
Marist Magazine
is published by the Office of
College Advancement at Marist College for
alumni and friends of Marist College.
Vice President for College Advancement:
Christopher DelGiorno ’88
Chief Public Affairs Officer:
Timmian Massie
Leslie Bates
Executive Director of Alumni Relations:
Amy Coppola Woods ’97
Alumni News Coordinators:
Donna Watts, Judy Sears
Editorial Assistant:
Claire Horton
Art Director:
Richard Deon
Marist College
3399 North Rd.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-1387
The Marist women’s soccer team wins its first
MAAC Championship and first NCAA bid.
All the World’s a Stage
Sophomore Mitchell DeSimone took a year off
from college to perform in the spectacular Irish
step-dancing showcase Lord of the Dance as it
toured the world. Now he’s back at Marist to
fulfill another ambition: becoming a teacher.
Marist Drive
What’s happening on campus
Passing excellence forward: Marist’s new
summer research stipends maximize
opportunities for science majors.
Safe Passage
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Historic Papers
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Summer Research Stipends
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First Marist Grad in
the Peace Corps
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Alumni News & Notes
Updates on Marist graduates
“You’re meant to learn the
dance and then that
night be able to do it in
the show.”
—Mitchell DeSimone ’14
On the cover:
engraving of Thomas Jefferson by
Charles Balthazar Julien Fevret de Saint-Mémin,
1804, courtesy Library of Congress; and Thomas
Jefferson signature from a letter in the Reese
Family Papers, Marist College Archives.
Letters of Founding Fathers
Donated to Marist Archives
An extraordinary collection recently given
to Marist College lets students, researchers,
and the public see history up close.