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W I N T E R 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2
onk! Honk! Marist students, faculty,
and staff without a vehicle of their
own will no longer have a challenge reach-
ing their destinations off campus. Zipcars
have come to their rescue. Located in the
McCann parking lot, they are ready to be
used by those who either do not have a car
or may be having car troubles.
The Zipcars can be rented at a low rate
and can be reserved online or on a mobile
device 24/7. Students, faculty, and staff
age 18 and over can drive them by filling
out a form at Applicants
must fill in driver’s license information and
provide a credit card number. In addition
to a $25 annual fee, drivers pay hourly
rates from $8 and daily rates from $66.
Rates include gas, insurance, and 180
miles a day. Members receive a Zipcard
by mail that, after activation via the Web
site, identifies the driver and opens the
car door.
The Zipcar program is available on
more than 100 campuses, according to, including Bard, Vassar,
Amherst, Colgate, Dartmouth, Duke,
Middlebury, Smith, University of Virginia,
Stanford, and Yale.
Freshmen at Marist are not permitted
to have cars on campus, so some first-year
students are enjoying the freedom a Zipcar
offers. Courtney Lawlor ’15 says her first
Zipcar experience was a great one. She
received her Zipcard only a week after signing
up online for the program. Then one night she
and her friends were looking for a change in
menu and decided to go off campus for dinner.
Zipcars Give Students a Transportation Option and Make Campus Greener
“The Zipcar process when we got to the
car was very easy and user-friendly. It was
nice to be able to drive, and my friends and I
were excited about all the features that came
along with my Zipcar membership. When we
wanted to stay a little longer than my reser-
vation, I just extended the time we had the
car with my iPhone, and when we went to
the parking lot to find the car that was ours,
To commemorate the 10th
anniversary of 9/11, stu-
dents and staff gathered on
Sept. 9 to place flags on the
chapel lawn representing
the 3,497 people who were
killed on Sept. 11, 2001.
The College’s 9/11 Cross, a
Celtic cross fashioned from
an I-beam from the Twin
Towers, was on display.
On Sept. 11, an interfaith
memorial service was
held on the new plaza in
front of the Lowell Thomas
Communications Center
and a Mass took place in
the chapel. Following the
Mass, Marist ROTC cadets
performed a 21-gun salute
and taps.
I could honk the horn from the Web site
on my phone.”
Brian Gelok ’13, vice president of
club affairs and co-chair of the SGA
Transportation Committee, initiated the
idea of Zipcars in February 2011. When he
was a resident assistant, he observed that
his residents wanted to get off campus but
did not have a source of transportation.
“Zipcars are important because they will
spark change,” Gelok says.
A dozen student s, according to
Associate Dean for Student Affairs Steve
Sansola, have already rented the Zipcars.
Two cars are available: a high-gas-mileage
Mazda 3 and a hybrid Honda Insight.
Sansola says that Zipcars are part of a
larger effort to make Marist College a more
walkable and sustainable campus. “The
addition of the campus Zipcar program
provides a much needed service for access
to a car, primarily for our students who are
not permitted to have a car on campus, who
are under the age of 21 years and not able to
rent a car, or who use a vehicle infrequently.
The program will also contribute positively
towards reducing the number of student
vehicles on campus, directly reducing the
number of campus parking lots required and
reducing carbon emissions.”
The program was instituted by the
Office of Student Affairs and the Student
Government Association with support
from the Campus Sustainability Advisory
Committee, Purchasing Office, Physical Plant
Office, and the Office of Safety and Security.
—Myles Williams ’13
Zipcar, an auto rental program tailored to students,
has arrived at Marist.