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M a g a z i n e
SevenMarist facultymembers achieved Professor
Emeritus/Emerita status this past fall:
Dr. Donald
became Professor Emeritus of English;
Dr. Anne Botsford,
Professor Emerita of Social
Jurgis Brakas,
Professor Emeritus
of Philosophy;
J. James Fahey,
Emeritus of Communication;
Helen Hayes,
Professor Emerita of Computer Science;
Bruce Luske,
Professor Emeritus of Sociology;
Professor Emeritus of History.
The Marist College Board of Trustees approved
the appointments at its November meeting. In
Catherine Newkirk
was promoted to
Professor of Medical Technology.
Marist launched its first-ever MOOC,
massive open online course,
“Introduction to
Enterprise Computing,” this past summer.
The free course, which ran July 8 through
Aug. 30, enrolled
more than 500 students
from 15 countries on five continents. The
instructor was
Angelo F. Corridori, director
of large systems education
in Marist’s School
of Computer Science and Mathematics.
The Marist Board of Trustees presented its
Distinguished Teaching Award to Associate
Professor of Chemistry Jocelyn Nadeau.
Genesis Abreu ’15 Wins Gilman Scholarship
Genesis Abreu is the 10th Marist student since 2004 to receive the Benjamin A. Gilman
International Scholarship.
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
of Faculty Thomas Wermuth (left) presented
the Marist Board of Trustees 2013 Distinguished
Teaching Award to Associate Professor of
Chemistry Jocelyn Nadeau.
Bryan Keller ’16,
a computer science major
from Burlington, VT, was one of three students
to win an Apple Design Award.
Keller created an app as part of his application
for a student scholarship to attend Apple’s
2013 Worldwide Developers Conference in
San Francisco. “Hundreds of students stepped
up to the challenge with creative, well-written
apps that truly impressed us,” says an Apple
announcement describing the three award-
ees. “These scholarship winners represent the
strongest submissions we received.”
enesis Abreu ’15 of New York, NY,
was awarded a prestigious Benjamin
A. Gilman International Scholarship that
supported her studies during fall 2013 in
Costa Rica.
Abreu is the 10th Marist student since
2004 to receive the Gilman award. Gilman
Scholarship recipients are chosen by a com-
petitive selection process and must use the
award to defray eligible study abroad costs
including program tuition, room and board,
books, local transportation, insurance,
and airfare. The congressionally funded
program is sponsored by the Bureau of
Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S.
Department of State and is administered
by the Institute of International Education.
The goal of the Gilman is to diversify
the kinds of students who study abroad and
the countries and regions where they go.
The Gilman Program awards more than
2,300 scholarships annually. In 10 years it
has received more than 31,000 applications
and awarded more than 8,800 scholarships
to students enrolled in nearly 950 U.S. insti-
The Gilman has made a number of
things possible, Abreu says. “To me, the
Gilman Scholarship means opportunity:
the opportunity to be the first in my fam-
ily to study abroad, the opportunity to give
back to my community, and the opportunity
to experience a future full of possibilities.”
After graduation from Marist, she
hopes to work in Latin America. “I have
come to realize the deep connection that
lies between developing nations and the
environment,” says Abreu, who is majoring
in environmental science with a concentra-
tion in policy, and in political science with
a concentration in public affairs. “As these
countries strive for economic growth, the
natural environment suffers. I want to help
developing nations in Latin America adopt
practices focused on sustainability.”
Journalist Stuart Varney
Meets with Students
eteran business journalist Stuart
Varney shared his thoughts on the
worlds of business and journalism with
Marist students this past October.
Varney, whose daughter, Rachel,
attends Marist, spoke to students in jour-
nalism, broadcasting, and finance as well
as student callers for the Marist Institute
for Public Opinion.
Varney is host of Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co and a business contributor
and substitute host for Fox News Channel’s Your World with Neil Cavuto. He joined
Fox News Channel (FNC) in January 2004. Prior to joining FNC, he served as host
of CNBC’s Wall Street Journal Editorial Board with Stuart Varney. Earlier he was a
co-anchor of CNN’s Moneyline News Hour. He helped launch CNN’s business news
team in 1980 and hosted many of the network’s financial programs. CNN won a
Peabody Award for its coverage of the stock market crash of 1987.
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Varney began his broadcast
journalism career as a business anchor for KEMO-TV in San Francisco.
School of Communication and the Arts
Dean Steve Ralston (left) welcomed veteran
business journalist Stuart Varney to Marist
to speak to journalism, broadcasting, and
finance students.
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