Catalog 2008-2009 Updates

Curriculum Changes:

School of Science Majors:

      Capping courses have been renumbered to SCI 477L.

Athletic Training Major

      Change Recommended Program Sequence (pg 61) to:

HLTH 201 Human Nutrition 3 cr HLTH 301 Exercise Physiology 3 cr
ATHT 306 Thera Exer in Athletic Training 3 cr PHIL 300 Ethics 3 cr
PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology 3 cr ATHT 398 Clinical Practicum IV 1 cr
Core/LS Literature 3 cr HLTH 204 Personal & Community Health 2 cr
ATHT 309 Lower Body Assessment 2 cr MATH 131 Statistics II OR  
ATHT 397 Clinical Practicum III 1 cr MATH 115 Calculus 3 cr
    ATHT 308 Upper Body Assessment 2 cr
  15 cr   14 cr


Latin American & Caribbean Studies Minor

Requirements for a minor:

1) A minimum of 18 credits, excluding courses in Spanish language proficiency (SPAN 101-102 and SPAN 105-106).
2) Demonstrated proficiency through successful completion of at least one 200 level or higher course taught in Spanish.
3) One immersion experience which could include study abroad in Latin America or the Caribbean, community service or an internship approved by the coordinator. It should be noted that many internship opportunities also enable students to earn 3-6 credits.
4) 3 Core courses (9 credits) out of the following: HIST 273, HIST 274, SPAN 260, and SPAN 154 (or SPAN 354).
5) 3 electives (9 credits) from the following list and approved by the LACS Coordinator. (The Marist International Education Program consistently offers long-term as well as short term programs that will enable students to take some of these courses abroad.)

Current course offerings acceptable for the Latin American/Caribbean Studies Minor:

ANTH 233 - The American Indian

ART 255 - Pre-Columbian Art

BUS 202 - Global Business and Society
BUS 430 - International Trade Management (prerequisite BUS 100 or 102)
BUS 442 - International Marketing (prerequisite BUS 340)

COM 325 - Intercultural Communications
COM 488 - Comparative Communications Systems
(Also see SPAN 335 - Themes in Latin American Cinema)

ECON 442 - International Economics (prerequisite ECON 101 and 102)

Honors Program:
HONR 302 - Art of Culture: Women, Literature, and Culture in Latin America

Modern Languages and Cultures:
SPAN 152 - The Civilization of Latin America
SPAN 153 - The Civilization of Puerto Rico
SPAN 154 - Civilization: Hispanics in the United States
SPAN 220 - Latin American Literature in Translation
SPAN 260 - Civilization of Latin America (in Spanish)
SPAN 315 - The Experience of Hispanic Literature (in Spanish)
SPAN 335 - Themes in Latin American Cinema (also fulfills requirements for Cinema Studies Minor)
SPAN 354 - Los hispanos en los EEUU (in Spanish)
SPAN 370 - Latin American Women Writers (in Spanish)
SPAN 392, 393 - Special Topics (focus on Latin America or the Caribbean)
SPAN 394, 395, 396 - Internship in Spanish (focus on Latin American/Caribbean Diaspora)
SPAN 415 - ICONS: Spanish Translation Techniques
SPAN 430-431 Spanish American Literature I-II (in Spanish)
SPAN 433 - Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean (in Spanish)
SPAN 477 - Capping (only when the focus is Latin American Literature)
SPAN 480 - Seminar: Latin American Texts and the Disclosure of Continental History

FREN 315 - French Africa and the Caribbean

HIST 273 - Latin America to 1830
HIST 274 - Latin America since 1830
HIST 375 - Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

Political Science:
POSC 213 - Politics of Human Rights
POSC 273 - International Politics
POSC 353 - Comparative Politics of Developing Areas
POSC 350 - Comparative Politics of Latin America

Philosophy and Religion:
REST 219/225 - Global Liberation Theology
Other courses may fulfill the 3 elective requirements if approved by the Latin American/Caribbean Studies Coordinator.

Course Changes:

  1. New description:
    ENG 001
    Introduction to College Writing
    This course is specifically designed to prepare the student to do well in College Writing I and II. Activities will consist of exercises in the mechanics of writing as well as basic organization. Reading skills will also be a part of the instruction. Students are recommended for this course based on writing and reading scores on standard college entrance examinations. No academic credit is given for this course; however, three equivalent credits are earned.