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The committee has developed a comprehensive plan to continue to deliver Marist’s high-quality academic offerings in a manner that places community safety at the forefront. After careful consideration for student health and the safety of the Marist community, a modified Fall 2020 schedule has been established. In-person courses will run from Monday, August 24 to Tuesday, November 24. Classes will continue November 30–December 4 online, with final exams taking place online December 7–11. There is a clear health rationale for these changes. Many epidemiologists are predicting a surge in COVID-19 cases in early December, which also coincides with the annual flu season. By ending the on-campus portion of the fall semester at Thanksgiving, we will eliminate the health risks of students traveling all across the country and then returning to campus. To facilitate this accelerated schedule, we plan to hold classes on Labor Day, and some classes will meet on Saturdays during the fall. Holding classes on Saturdays and canceling the fall break discourages travel, again minimizing the risk of exposure to the virus.

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Additional measures to protect the Marist community are highlighted on the site, and further details will be forthcoming.

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