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Campus Environment

Hand sanitizer in Lowell ThomasFollowing strict cleaning guidelines is a key factor in reducing the spread of germs on our campus. We are committed to ensuring hospital-grade sanitation across campus and providing all members of the Marist community with access to cleaning supplies, including hand sanitizer.

Hospital-grade sanitation

In conjunction with physical distancing and personal hygiene guidelines to minimize the spread and health risks of COVID-19, the College will employ a consistent, thorough, and deliberate cleaning strategy across all campus facilities. This strategy includes the use of hospital-grade EPA approved products for disinfecting and deep cleaning of communal areas, including bathrooms, lounges, kitchens, elevators, laundry areas, and hallways. Residence hall bathrooms and lounges will be disinfected at least three (3) times per day based on the resident’s schedules and preferences.

Access to cleaning supplies

As part of this strategy, it is expected that students, faculty, and staff will take responsibility for cleaning and sanitizing their own living and workspaces. Housekeeping services will focus on high-touch surfaces, such as public restrooms, handrails, tables, faucets, and doorknobs, among others.

Increase in hand sanitizer

To support increased hand washing, Marist has increased the number of hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the campus in order to ensure placement at the entrance to every building, and within each classroom and laboratory space.

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