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Read Your Back-to-Campus Checklist

The health and safety of the Marist community is our top priority. The College has developed a series of protocols and safety measures as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), New York State (NYS) and local government, as well as advice from our own medical and health experts. Community members are required to comply with the following procedures prior to returning to campus to preserve the health of our students and keep our campus as safe as possible.

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COVID-19 Testing

Students will be required to show proof of a molecular PCR COVID-19 test prior to their arrival on campus. Anyone who tests positive will be required to isolate, notify Marist Health Services, and receive certification from a health care provider before they can return to campus.

Students from states designated by New York State as “restricted states” and international students should plan on being tested the last week of July. Since New York State has mandated that these populations need to quarantine for two weeks after they arrive in New York State regardless of test results, Marist College has several options for students who will need to be housed during that mandatory period.

Students from states other than those designated by New York State as “restricted states” are required to be tested in the fourteen days immediately prior to their arrival on campus. In other words, during their period of self-quarantine in preparation for their arrival on campus. Since our standard move-in for campus is scheduled to begin on August 17th, this testing should be planned for the first two weeks of August, 2020.

Timeline for testing:

  • July 24th-31st:
    • Students from NYS designated “restricted” states and international students should be tested during this time. This pre-quarantine testing is intended to keep students from restricted states from traveling while infected with COVID-19. If the student tests negative, they should travel to NY to begin mandatory quarantine. If student tests positive, travel to campus is prohibited.
  • August 1st-14th:
    • All residential students from states not designated by NYS as “restricted” states should self-quarantine and must be tested for COVID-19 during this time.
    • Students from NYS designated “restricted” states will need to be in mandatory self-quarantine in New York State during this time.
  • August 17th-23rd:
    • Scheduled move-in to residence halls (students will receive specific instructions on times and scheduling);
    • Test results for all students (residential and off-campus) submitted to and verified by Student Health Services. Specific instructions to follow.
  • August 24th:
    • First day of classes


To maximize campus safety, the College strongly recommends that all students self-quarantine for two weeks before their arrival on campus. All travelers from domestic and international high-risk areas will be required to quarantine, according to NYS guidelines, which continue to evolve.

Returning to Campus from a Restricted State

Any students returning to campus from states designated as restricted by NYS (“hot spots”) will be required to self-isolate for a 14-day period. Please note that NYS’s list of restricted states is continually updated. To stay aware of changes, click here: Students traveling to campus from these states should fill out the New York State Traveler Health Form.

Online Training

In accordance with NYS requirements, all students, faculty, and staff are required to complete a comprehensive online safety training program. Training materials are available in myMarist for all faculty, administrators, and staff to review prior to their return to campus. Supervisors, in conjunction with the Office of Human Resources, will ensure that training has been successfully completed by employees before they return to campus.



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