Criminal Justice Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning goals/objectives:
1.  Students will demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of criminal justice concepts related to law   enforcement, courts and corrections.
2.  Students will demonstrate proficiency in explaining the causes and effects of crime by using  criminological theories.
3.  Students will demonstrate the ability to integrate classroom knowledge with practical application in a  professional setting aimed at skills development and exploration of personal career goals complementary to individual interests and abilities.
4.  Students will demonstrate effective writing for different purposes and successful oral presentations.
5.  Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills that include the processes of conceptualization, applying, analyzing and synthesizing information.
6.  Students will demonstrate ethical decision making as evidenced in their written work and interaction with others.This includes an exploration of personal values, and concepts such as “justice,” “equity,” and “fairness.”
7.  Identify and discuss issues of diversity and social justice with respect to the effects and treatment of people within the criminal justice system.