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Nurture Your Strengths

Consider your Pathways course choices as you look for ways to nurture your strengths, and to challenge yourself so you can develop new strengths. If you would like help identifying your strengths and how to apply them, take the Strengths Finder assessment. Participate in at least one Emerging Leaders program, and set your sights on a leadership or service role in a team or club you belong to

Cultivate Depth of Knowledge

Continue to strengthen your understanding of the knowledge base in education by seeking opportunities to apply what you are learning to real teaching situations. Remember that volunteer work is as valuable as a paid position in terms of what you can learn. Watch the Education College to Career Home Page for announcements of local opportunities to gain field experience. Continue to seek summer employment and volunteer positions that will deepen your understanding of how children develop and learn.

Build Your Network

Volunteer as an assistant for your town's recreational activities for children: coaching youth sports, running after-school clubs, teaching religious education classes, etc. You will gain useful experience and meet adults like yourself who are dedicated to helping children grow.

Keep track of your growing network via an online address book Gmail Contacts is easy to use.

Develop Your Professional Image

Begin to develop a professional wardrobe.

These slides illustrate appropriate dress for field experiences.

These tips from student teachers offer help selecting clothes for long days of reaching, bending, and sitting on the floor.

Showcase Your Technology Skills

Find personal productivity software that suits you and make it part of your everyday routine.

Todoist, for example, is an online to-do list that is easy and fun to use; it also has great classroom applications.

Evernote makes it easy for teachers to gather online CCSS-linked curriculum materials.

Monitor Your Progress Towards Certification

Bookmark your state’s Department of Education website, and sign up for email alerts about changes in certification requirements.

New York
New Jersey

If your state is not listed, you can reach the sites you need through this Certification Map.

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