Name: Dr. Katharine Dill
Title: Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Field Education
Office Location: Dyson 337
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 229
Degrees Held:


Bachelor in Social Work (University of Western Ontario, Canada, 1988)

Master’s Degree in Social Work (University of Toronto, Canada, 1993)

Diploma in Social Work Research (University of Toronto, Canada, 2000)

Ph.D. in Social Work (University of Toronto, Canada, 2010)

Post-graduate Certificate in Higher Education, Queen’s University Belfast, spring, 2015

Supervision of Post-graduate students, Queen’s University Belfast, May 2015. 




Katharine is the Field Education Coordinator and Assistant Professor at Marist College. She joined the Social Work Program in August 2016. She is Canadian-born and social work educated. She completed her Bachelor of Work Degree at King’s College, Western University in 1988, Masters of Social Work Degree from University of Toronto in 1993 and Diploma in Social Work Research also from University of Toronto in 2002. She spent 16 years working in the child welfare field as a front-line staff practitioner, supervisor, agency trainer and project manager. She returned to school to complete her doctoral education at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto in 2004.  As an adjunct lecturer, Katharine has taught clinical, organizational and community-based, and research courses in the Masters of Social Work program during and after the completion of her PhD. During her doctoral studies, she also pioneered the development of an on-line social work supervision course for the Faculty’s Continuing Education Program from 2005-2007.

From 2007-2013, Katharine was the founding Executive Director of Practice and Research Together (PART; This national membership-based knowledge exchange organization for child welfare organizations promotes the integration of evidence-informed practice. PART is a replication of the world-renowned Research in Practice (RiP) program at Dartington Hall, Totnes, UK. Under Katharine’s leadership, the program grew from a concept to a national, thriving organization.

Katharine undertook a big life adventure in 2013, when she accepted the position of assistant professor (lecturer) at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K. This experience further widened her understanding of social work education, practice and research from an international perspective. During her time in this role (2.5 years), she completed two studies on social work supervision, developed and piloted a service user (client) service delivery feedback app, and taught a foundational course that prepares students for their initial social work placement: preparation for practice. This invaluable international experience has enriched Katharine’s knowledge and understanding of social work education and research. She capitalizes on this experience in her current teaching and research agenda.

Her current program of research focuses on social work and field education supervision, knowledge mobilization and innovation in social work education. She leverages her intersecting knowledge and research to better enhance our understanding of field education, particularly as it relates to training field supervisors. 

She is currently a contributing writer to the Simmons Field Educator Journal where she submits regular literature reviews designed to enhance the professional development of field supervisors:


Exploring the Hudson Valley Region. 

Awards & Honors:

Team Teaching Award, Queen's University Belfast, September 2015 



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Edited Book

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Chapters in Books (Peer Reviewed)

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Research Interests:

Social Work Education

Social Work Field Education

Knowledge Mobilization 

Conferences & Workshops:



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