What is Expected of Fieldwork Sites and Supervisors


The fieldwork site and supervisor are expected to:

1. Provide a fieldwork site supervisor who…

  • possesses appropriate levels of education/training given the level of the responsibilities given to students.
  • is committed to the growth and development of students.
  • has time to supervise interns and is frequently available to the intern.

2. Provide meaningful work and…

  • provide an overview of job, work assignments, time frame, and application procedure.
  • explore what activities and experiences the intern is interested in pursuing.
  • provide appropriate training to students so that they can perform their duties effectively.
  • provide appropriate office space and resources so that the interns can perform their jobs successfully.
  • refrain from having students drive either their own or agency vehicles to transport the agency's personnel, clientele, patients, consumers, etc.
  • refrain from having students engage in psychological testing activities in which the tests used require higher levels of education and training according to the specific test user qualification guidelines.
  • refrain from having students perform restraints on persons served by an agency, unless the student has agreed to perform these duties and has been appropriately trained by the agency.

3. Select interns through a responsible and fair process and...

  • review resumes and interview intern candidates as needed.
  • have a policy not to discriminate against qualified applicants and employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, status as a Vietnam Era veteran, or special disabled veteran.
  • approve and sign off on the fieldwork contract.
  • provide interns with information regarding work attire, and agree on days and times they will be on site.
  • inform students of required medical treatment/immunizations and cover the costs of such treatments whenever possible.

4. Supervise the intern and…

  • introduce interns to staff members.
  • provide an orientation to interns.
  • provide any training for the skills required to fulfill the role.
  • meet with interns at weekly supervision sessions to provide feedback.
  • monitor and discuss the intern's emotional and developmental responses to the work they are doing.
  • keep in touch with the faculty supervisor as needed.

5. Give and Receive Evaluations…

  • Host a mid-semester site visit from the Marist College faculty supervisor for sharing evaluative feedback between the student, site supervisor, and faculty supervisor. The site visit may also involve a tour of the facility.
  • Communicate with the faculty supervisor periodically to share information about the intern’s progress.
  • Conduct an end-of-experience evaluation of the intern using the Evaluation of the Fieldworker form (See Forms section). This form must be completed and sent to the faculty supervisor in a timely fashion, and is an important source of information for determination of the "Pass/No Credit" grade assigned by the faculty supervisor.