Trainers of School Psychologists Conference

National Association of School Psychologists Conference

San Antonio, Texas


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Marist had an impressive showing at the TSP and NASP conference recently held in San Antonio, TX. Thanks to Dean Calista, Dr. Stone & Dr. O'Donnell for supporting the students at NASP 2017.

At the trainers conference, Dr. Stone along with Paul Vespo (i.e., first year school psychology trainee) presented on "Fostering increased interest, engagement, and competencies in the community: A pilot investigation of the impact of providing school psychologists direct professional development in peer supervision.

At the trainers conference, Dr. Williams along with Jennifer Schlosser and Erin Tyrol (third year school psychology trainees) presented on "Professional development trends in school psychology." In addition, Dr. Williams, Grace Terlizzi (first year school psychology trainee) and Margaret Frenzel (second year school psychology trainee) presented "Race pedagogy: Increasing cultural competence in psychology undergraduate students.

At the National Association Conference the following topics were presented by our third year school psychology trainees.

Olsen, T., Williams, S.A.S., Harsch, D., Schlosser, J., Tyrol, E., Bortugno, M., & Levine, S. (2017, February). Interventions for the interventionists: We work and you shop. Mini Skills presented at the meeting of National Association of School Psychologists, San Antonio, TX.

Tyrol, E., Bortugno, M., Marrero, C., Schlosser, J., Levine, S., & Williams. S.A.S. (2017, February). Practical behavioral strategies: Motivation, attention and depression. Mini Skills presented at the meeting of National Association of School Psychologists, San Antonio, TX.

Williams, S. A. S., & Marrero, C. (2016, February). Data Consulting: Using Mentored Experiences to Increase Teacher Candidates' Data Analysis Skills. Poster presented at the meeting of National Association of School Psychologists, San Antonio, TX.

This was the first time for many of our students at a National Conference. The behavioral presentation was presented to a room of over 200 attendees. They did an amazing job leading a training session for 90 minutes. At the end, many came up front and told the students that they did an amazing job.

The academic session was less attended (30 individuals). This could be due to the fact that it was on the last day of the conference in the afternoon. Nevertheless, the students did a great job. I was particularly nervous when my academic advisor walked into the presentation. He later stayed and chatted with students and introduced himself as the academic grandfather.

Additionally, an alum (Katherine Stenglien) presented her research to a packed audience at the conference. Katherine later shared that someone from the audience asked for her autograph. Katherine's presentation was on "Promoting culturally sensitive service delivery for Asexual students."

Thanks to Dr. Stone for organizing the student luncheon which was a huge success.

"Ladies and gentleman, it was a GREAT year at NASP. Now it is time to return to our regularly scheduled program."

Dr. Williams