Pre-Med and Pre-Health Department

Joint B.S./D.P.M. Programs with New York College of Podiatric Medicine

New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM), located in New York City, is the nation's oldest and largest college of podiatric medicine. Marist and NYCPM have developed two joint programs (Early Admission or Early Decision) for students interested in careers in podiatric medicine. Both programs require Marist students to complete at least 90 credits of coursework at Marist and/or other accredited institutions. These credits must include the following courses, or their equivalents:

BIOL 130-131 General Biology I-II 8 credits
CHEM 131-132 General Chemistry I-II, with lab 8 credits
CHEM 211-212-213 Organic Chemistry, with lab 8 credits
PHYS 211-212-213-214 General Physics I-II, with lab 8 credits
  English 6 credits

Students also must fulfill the following NYCPM admissions requirements:

  • A timely and satisfactory formal application
  • Three letters of evaluation with an acceptable level of endorsement
  • Official MCAT scores at least equal to NYCPM's current minimum
  • A satisfactory evaluation in a personal interview
  • 3.00 GPA in all of their undergraduate course work

Early Admission Option

Students will complete three years at Marist, and begin studies at NYCPM in the fourth year. Application will be made at the start of the third year at Marist. For those students accepted for Early Admission, Marist will accept as transfer credits at least 30 credits from the first-year NYCPM courses listed below, contingent upon the student earning a grade of "C" or higher in each course. The specific group of courses to be transferred must be approved by the student's major department at Marist. Once these credits are successfully completed and transferred, the B.S. degree will be awarded from Marist.

Bacteriology Biochemistry
Immunology Cell Biology & Histology & Lab
Physiology & Lab Gross Anatomy & Lab
Neurosciences Medical Ethics I
Molecular Biology & Molecular Genetics  

Early Decision Option

Students will complete four years and a minimum of 120 credits at Marist, but will apply to NYCPM at the start of the third year at Marist. Early Decision students will complete their senior year at Marist and receive the B.S. degree prior to enrolling at NYCPM. Such students will be expected to maintain a 3.00 GPA in all of their undergraduate course work after the admissions decision.


For additional information about either of these programs, please contact Lisa Stephens, Lecturer of Chemistry and Advisor to the Health Professions, at or 575-3000, extension 2280.