Pre-Med and Pre-Health Department

Marist College - Tufts University School of Dental Medicine 4 + 4 Early Assurance Program

This 4+4 Early Assurance program offers academically strong sophomores with a clear motivation for a career in dentistry an opportunity for early acceptance to Tufts, the preeminent dental school in New England. This program allows students to experience a more well-rounded education by taking a wider diversity of courses during their last two years at Marist, and also relieves some of the stress associated with completing the final two years and applying to dental school.

Students must complete four years and a B.S. degree at Marist prior to starting the four-year curriculum at Tufts. A Screening Committee at Marist will review applications from Marist sophomores and recommend no more than three (3) students per year to Tufts. Please note that the Screening Committee reserves the right to recommend no (0) candidates to Tufts in any given year, and that all admission decisions will be made by Tufts.

Initial eligibility criteria include completion of 20 hours of observation and/or assisting in a general dentist's office, as well as strong academic performance in a specified list of courses. Applicants will be interviewed at Marist and at Tufts, and those accepted will be required to complete additional observation/work hours with a dentist as well as maintain excellent grades in their remaining classes at Marist. An additional round of interviews, acceptable performance on the Dental Admissions Test (DAT), and other criteria during the remaining two years also are required.

For full details about initial eligibility criteria, application procedures, required follow-up activities, final admissions criteria and guidelines, please contact Lisa Stephens, Lecturer of Chemistry and Advisor to the Health Professions at Marist College (845-575-3000, ext. 2280 or